Monday, May 19, 2008


It is the monkey on my back. It is coming. Soon. Very, very soon.

Since the debacle in the water of '06 (exec. summary: some desperate woman unexpectedly tried to use me as a life preserver..needless to say we both went under a few times, ingesting Town Lake in the process. I was thoroughly out of breath, completely horrified and just plain unable to recover..finished the race but WALKED the entire 10k hacking up bits of the lake all the while....big fun.), Town Lake has been a house of horror for me. I know it is all mental...everyone has a bad race..yada, yada, yada. But every time I get in that damn water I think back to that moment of being dragged under, taking in that disgusting water only to surface and breathe in gasoline fumes...ugh...I literally have to forcibly talk myself into that swim.


CapTexTri is taking place on the fantastic Lady Bird Lake! It's going to be a great time. I'm not racing, but just going to go out, participate and have a good, fun time. The water will be warmer than Barton Springs (which I've been swimming a wetsuit, of course.) and there will be lots of awesome pro athletes out there to watch! YAY!

And this year it is on a Sunday so that means I can actually go out Sunday night and party like the rest of the world for Memorial Day! :)

( it working yet??)

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Erin said...

yes, it's working! Reframe, reframe!

That swim will be over in no time, and you can focus on kicking ass on the bike and on the run, and then a drunken Sunday night followed by Kegball! ;)