Friday, May 30, 2008

Not Plantars but...

myofascitis An inflammation of the thin layer of fibrous tissue (fascia) that surrounds a muscle and attaches it to the bone.

or rather I have:
myofascial pain A large group of muscle disorders characterised by the presence of hypersensitive points, called trigger points, within one or more muscles and/or the investing connective tissue together with a syndrome of pain, muscle spasm, tenderness, stiffness, limitation of motion, weakness and occasionally autonomic dysfunction.

Yea, that seems about right.

Tuesday afternoon during our warm up run before doing Wilke Hill repeats (yes, running up Wilke...I know...), from my heel through my arch on my right foot started hurting. It started like it was just needing to be stretched or warmed up, so I kept going. But on the 6th time up Wilke (YAY for 6!), the pain had finally bested me. I let Erin go about the cool down while I iced my foot.

That night whilst sleeping, I recall trying to move it and stretch it from time to time only to be rudely awakened by pain shooting from my foot. Owie.

My first thought was, Oh no...PLANTARS! That dreaded injury that has sidelined many of friend for weeks and months. Not now, I though...tri season is just underway! NNNNNOOOOOO!

I sent off a quick, "Help, what should I do?" email to a couple of friends from my iPhone, swung my legs out of bed and did my best impersonation of Uma Thurman in Kill Bill trying to walk after having been in a coma for 4 years....boom, right to the floor.

It was a big time owie. Ended up literally hoping around on one foot getting the boys ready for school. Driving was a nightmare...gave me goosebumps just trying to work the pedals in the car. (really safe...I know...). But Shay was so cute when I hopped upstairs. He asked me what was wrong and I told him I thought I really hurt my foot. He responded by offering me his four foot tall shoulder, "Here, lean on me Mommy." So sweet.

Anywho...I was lucky enough to get a quick appointment with the fantastic folks, specifically Dr. Boub at Performance Wellness (via recommendation from Wiley). And let me tell you something, that Graston technique. OUCH. Basically a metal bar being scraped down your leg in an attempt to dislodge, disintegrate and remove all the adhesions that have nestled themselves into my muscles. ick.

The really humorous part came when the hooked me up to the electrical stimulation on my calf and foot. The tech says, "ok..tell me when it is as much as you can take.." oh jeez, I think. I've had stim before and I remember it being more weird than painful, but I say, "ok." And no sooner than when she turns it on the LOWEST setting, I have a searing pain in my calf that literally lifts me off the table. "That hurts?" she asks... "YES!" I reply through clenched teeth. My calf was on fire...I never remember stim feeling like this. The tech takes off the warmer to look at my calf and it is doing its impersonation of a tennis ball under my skin. A calf cramp like all hell! (Those who remember me at the water stop after the Longhorn...same thing...hmmmm...) She turns it off and we work through the cramp.

"Ok, let's try it again," she says.

Next thing I dots flashing in front of my eyes...OOOOUUUUCCCHHH!

This time she sees it and backs off the stim. "We'll just wait for your next treatment, ok?"

"ok" I agree weekly.

The foot stim went just fine fortunately. And the therapy really worked because the next day my foot was feeling much, much, much better! I was able to ride and even walk without looking like Uncle Fester. YAY!!

I go back on Saturday for another round. I hope my calf cooperates this time. Ugh.

So until I quit limping around, only biking and swimming for me. Boo. That means tomorrow's Adventure Quest is out....and definitely no trail running The Loop race on Sunday either.

Dammit. Grrrrrrr......

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Driver said...

yeah it's too bad we didn't get to do the quest, but I'm glad it looks like your foot's gonna be fine!!!