Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lulu's Gauntlet

She had to do it. Post her splits from the track workout. You are right E, she is a good rabbit! ;)

The workout was 8-12 x 200 at 5K pace (w/200 recovery) then 4X100 ALL OUT.

Did I mention it was 100 degrees yesterday evening when we ran. Just thought I'd mention that.

I figured 5k pace for the 200 should be about 0:51, right? Checked Lulu's splits. Whew. It was going to be tough. Here we go:

1: 49 (oops, a little too fast)
2: 49 (well, consistent at least)
3: 50
4: 50
5: 50 (I think that is as close to target as its going to get)
6: 51 (wrong! was tired...took a water break..had to drink from the cooler with no cups.)
7: 48 (ahhh...water definitely helped)
8: 48
9: 48
10: 49 (feeling the heat..damn it is tropical today)
11: 48 (c'mon D...pull it more..)
12: 47 (phew!)

All outs:
1: 17
2: 17
3: 17
4: 17

Damn...that was hard and hot. (Yea, yea...that's what she said.)

Ps-> It was awesome to see my old buddy Nick out there! Welcome back NICK! Who, apparently had been kicking serious ass in the 5k/10k PR class by dropping his 10K time by 4 MINUTES and kicking 5k's at 6:48/M.

HELLO! Nice work there Nick!


Driver said...

It was great to see you again...looking forward to a long hot summer of training!!

Lulu said...

You are no longer my friend! In fact....I hate you. OK Maybe not. But next time I am going to have to try harder knowing you are gonna try to beat me :)

Love you. Mean it.

Dionn said...

Lulu - you are white. I am black. It is my sovereign duty to beat you at a sprint. I'm merely trying to uphold the sacred traditions of my people.

Lulu said...

There you go pulling out the race card again!!!!