Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BONK! Goes the D.

Well, I'm sure it happens to everyone now and then, right?


Don't know what happened yesterday...

The humidity? - I've run in worse
Tired from the race? - It was saturday, lasted under one hour and I ran 11 miles on Monday just fine
Nutrition? - Had a monster lunch with Erin and Maggie after a (bracing, refreshing -- not) swim in Barton Springs and followed that with a powerbar snack just before workout, so no.
Macro Cycle Overload? - Last week was as easy week, so no.

I dunno.

I just sucked.

Half way into the warm up run I knew it just wasn't going to happen. I really wanted to just stop right then. But managed to muster through the warm up. (Probably because we were passing Texas Iron right then...couldn't possibly stop!)

The revised workout was Zilker cutdowns. Do the zilker 1200 loop at 10-K effort. Each repeat, cut the time by 5 secs. Not ADD 5 seconds, Gina!! And she's responsible for teaching tomorrow's leaders...uh oh! ;) Goal was to do 3-5.

Did the first at something nowhere near 10k effort...more like marathon pace. Wanted to quit.

Did the second five seconds faster...really, really wanted to quit. Walked the recovery. Felt like ass.

Did the third at some abysmal pace..I don't even want to look at my swanky new Garmin and see what it was. Then quit.

Yep..I quit.

Some folks went on and did a 4th easy...I said. No thanks. Me. Saying No thanks.


I need a nap and it's only 8:41am.


shubbe said...

You faked looking good and strong well, when I saw you warming up.

Something about last night's weather was just stifling. I wanted to vomit about 3 minutes into our workout.

And.. y'know.. blah blah can't appreciate the good without the bad, blah blah.

FeMags said...

Blame it on the humidity and chalk it off. it definitely wasn't the yummy lunch, or the refreshing swim at BS. thanks for meeting me and getting me in the freakin cold water!