Tuesday, April 15, 2008

View from the Lower Deck

Do you ever wonder what it was like as a 3-year old? My earliest memories began right around there...but only because they were some sort of traumatic experience.

Like the time my sister was pushing me in the stroller on the way to the park when we lived in England. (Yes, I'm an Air Force brat!) The park was at the bottom of this (seemingly long and steep) hill. Apparently, she (my elder by 3 years) thought it would be interesting to see what happened if she just gave the stroller a little nudge from the top and then let it go. The only thing I recall is careening down the hill in my pram (as such we were in England you know) and thinking, wow...the swings sure went by really, really fast, until my face ate grass and dirt and I was subjected to my first (but not only) good case of road rash. Ahhh...good times. Gotta love siblings. [UPDATE: my sister just called to vehemently and categorically deny any such event. Clearly she has blocked it from her memory...trauma works in mysterious ways. ;) LOVE YOU TRACI!]

ANYWAY, Devon is becoming increasing adept at handling my iPhone. (To those of you who have received his text messages, I apologize for those and in advance for the ones coming at some point, I'm sure...) And he knows that there is a camera in there as well. I thought to myself, I wonder what the day looks like from his perspective. So I gave him the phone and showed him how take pictures.

Here's Devon's first photo essay:

Hi! It's me Devon and here's what I see,
my water bottle, my favorite push toy and my mommy.

These are all very important, when you're only three,
And let's not forget my big brother and my blankie.

I call, "Hey Mommy", she bends down and says, "What?" And when she looks away, I take pictures of her....um...bottom. (I'm not allowed to say that word.)

Somehow she knows when I'm up to no good,
And gives me that look that only a mother could.

I just smile and hug her until her sad face goes away
And she scoops me up and says, "C'mon sweetie..let's go play."


GG said...

That is true, your sister did push you down the hill. You were with Auntie (our English Nanny) GG

Jane said...

How cute!