Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trail Practice

Leveraging Wiley's new (but very temporary) Funemployment status, I wrangled him into a mid-morning trail run on the famed greenbelt. (Much to Kmo's chagrin. Sorry!) It was a beautiful morning and seemingly perfect weather for a nice jaunt in the woods.

The run by the water was awesome. Wiley was a great host pointing out the local flora and fauna as we went along. I listened intently but rarely stole a glance in whatever direction he was pointing, so I wouldn't miss the branch/rock/stump/spider/mud pile/etc. I needed to nimbly bound over so as not to go tumbling head over ass.(My lord, my legs and torso are SO out of proportion. Yes, the shorts are sitting at my natural waistline. I am the adolescent giraffe. Ugh.)

I got to see the infamous Hill of Life.

But don't worry Kmo, we did not run up it. I've saved that pop for you! ;)

Wiley had a relaxing shower massage in the beautiful waterfall. I declined to partake..maybe when the weather is way, way, way 100 know..tropical.

There was even a Godzilla sighting! Wiley went RAWRRRRRRR! (even though he didn't want to...)

All in all, it was a fantastic 8 miles of trail running (that feels WAY harder than 8 miles on the road...I'll give you trail folks that...whew!) without suffering an injury, getting lost or having to use the bathroom in nature. I call that a rousing success!


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Lulu said...

Jealous!!! Thanks for saving your HOL cherry though :)