Thursday, April 10, 2008


It's a "Hard" week at Camp Punishment this week and I'm really starting to feel the affects of it all...and the big mileage of the weekend isn't even here yet. Oye.

Following the More Pricks than Kicks of Tuesday, Wednesday called for 10 easy. I'm sorry, but 10 doesn't feel very easy...especially with the crazy humidity of late. But I know it is all for good training. Last year's temps at the Longhorn are a perfect example of why you should train in non-ideal conditions!

I managed to bang out the required 10, but my pace was slow... 9:21 according to my new fancy online training log (THANKS MIKE!). Truthfully, I was thankful just to get 'er done. My feet were really bothering me and my ankle was feeling funny. I started thinking, oh boy, I hope I'm not flirting with an injury or something. But then it dawned on me....when was the last time I replaced my running shoes?

I flip them over and the outside edges are worn down and there's almost a bald spot at the front pad of my foot. Um...might be time for a new pair, maybe? Ya Think?? (Where the hell was Gina when I needed her! Dammit!)

Today came and I realized with the crazy schedule this week that I haven't yet been in the pool, I won't have time to brick on Saturday because of Shay's flag football game, I can't brick on Friday because the boys are out of school and then I'm "working" for Erin in the afternoon (I'm sure there will be great pics coming..check back soon!) and Sunday will have to be the long ride. So now what??

After much debate and triangulation with various workout friends, Erin and I decided to swim and brick today, quality ride Saturday, long ride on Sunday, try to toss in another swim on either saturday or sunday. Check, check.

So, we headed out to the veloway/Autobahn for our 20/3 brick. And it all seems well and good, except when I arrive, I begin to notice a plethora of Texas Iron jerseys...everywhere. Oh lord. Turns out they were out there time trialing.

Erin and I look at each other. Our workout calls for an EASY brick. Ok..first of all, as you know, when we get together we have a hard time going easy. Second of all, Texas Iron was going to be out there...on the autobahn...while we are on the autobahn...going as hard as they can....while we are supposed to be going easy... You can see where this is going, right??

We confer and agree that we are in fact going to go EASY...stay within our prescribed no attention to the mass of riders at the start of the autobahn getting ready to come screaming by us....hhmmm.....aaaaaaannnnnnnddddd...uhhhhh. no.

They looked like they were still warming up/discussing things, etc., so we figured if we got a good head start on them (going easy of course) we wouldn't be in danger of having them come up on us...then we'd have to start going harder...drop the hammer...slam the pickle know..

So as we headed out on our final autobahn loop (we had started our workout before they did...) our "easy" pace had a little bit of a kick to it...not a lot..but definitely more than if we'd just been out there by ourselves.

The back side of the autobahn is always fun and so we went ahead and clicked into big gears, got aero and picked it up a little bit more. It was fun...felt good. And as we neared the finish of the loop, E comments to me, well at least we didn't get passed by any Texas Iron people and I responded yea!.....of course this was just as we were passing Jamie himself standing on the side with a clip board ready to jot times of his riders. Oh Hi Jamie, we smile and wave. ;) oops!

Nothing like some friendly competition to get your motor running!

We followed that with a 3 mile run into the neighborhood. And all I know is, y'all better watch out because E's run is picking up!

Rounded out the evening with some grub from Zen in the beautiful night air. Awesome workout day!

Swim: 2,000yds
Bike: 20 miles
Run: 3 miles

I love triathlon season.

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