Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More Pricks Than Kicks - Tuesday's Quality Run

Why is it called that? I have no idea...all I know is this was the plan:


800m @ 10K pace
400m @ 5k pace
200m @ 1mile pace
400m recovery

Repeat 2-4 times


Ok...so after some mental gymnastics, I figured my splits should look like this:

1st 400m - 1:50 (7:20 10k)
2nd 400m - 1:50
3rd 400m - 1:45 (7:00 5k)
200m - 0:45 (6:00 1mile...hmmm, that was supposed to be 6:20...in retrospect, I messed that up...oops....should've been aiming for 0:47-0:48ish)
400m recovery - ??

Here's how it went down:
Set #1:
1st 400m - 1:49
2nd 400m - 1:50 (how's that for nailing the 10k pace..without a garmin...HELLO!)
3rd 400m - 1:42
200m - 0:46
recovery - 2:42

Now, I must've looked pretty bad already because Panther came running by me saying, "If you can't hold your paces stop at 3. Please. I mean seriously, PLEASE."

However, as stated before, I take awhile to warm up. So I was hoping that the next set would feel better and I could maintain my paces. Because I really wanted to be able to do four, it gave me some extra motivation to really nail my paces.

Set #2
1st 400m - 1:48 (was worried about not keeping up the pace..oops.)
2nd 400m - 1:51 (figured that should average out to be about right for the 800)
3rd 400m - 1:42 (something to be said for consistency on the 5k pace, right?)
200m - 0:47 (ugh..that was really hard!)
recovery - 4:27 (stopped and took a water break during the recovery and walked some..figured it was half time, right?)

Set #3
1st 400m - 1:44 (again was worried about not keeping up the pace..oops.)
2nd 400m - 1:56 (averaged out for 800)
3rd 400m - 1:44 (having to work hard here...)
200m - 0:48 (ugh..that was really, really hard!)
recovery - 5:28 (walked...ALOT of the recovery..got lapped by Triscuit...again.)

At this point, I was really hurting. I could hear Panther's comment in my head rolling around...just do 3...Just Do 3. The bottom of my feet were stinging and I could feel the blisters starting to form. (I have just switched to my Tri shoe strings and they are a little tight I think.) I was saying to myself...wow, I probably shouldn't have done those 20 miles on my trainer last night (I watched the NCAA championship game...then overtime..I had to keep riding...). AND I did run 7 yesterday also. My legs are tired. It's hot. I'm sweaty. Yada, Yada, Yada. (I would've had to change my wristband several times, E!)

And just then I was passing the AHS scoreboard. I looked up and at the very top it says this:
"No Excuses. Do The WORK."

Well. There you have it. Basically, STFU and run. Ok...one more..here we go.

1st 400m - 1:49 (so far, so good)
2nd 400m - 1:54 (lord..I'm winded)
3rd 400m - 1:45 (hang in there, D. Received some inspirational words from E that helped out!)
200m - 0:46 (had to pull that out of my you know what!)

Thank God THAT's over with! Phew!

Warmed down back to J&As with a nice easy jog, but was feeling every damn step of it. Followed that with some great tailgating. Perfect workout evening. Thanks Austin. Thanks AD runners!

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