Tuesday, April 29, 2008


...somehow or another I've let myself be talked into running a trail race this weekend. MY FIRST EVER OFFICIAL TRAIL RACE! Yikes!!

(Of course a lot of it had to do with my willingness to have an excuse NOT to do any of the open water swims this weekend. All this weather of late, the water temps are not quite up to tropical levels yet....and you know how I feel about cold water...ugh.)

I'm nervous and excited. It's only a 10k, but something brand spankin' new!! How fun for me!

Any words of advice from you trail-er trash out there for a roadrunner would be great...


Mark said...

I ran this Trail Series 2? 3? years ago. It was fantastic fun ... But. But I hadn't done trail running to ease into the series of 30K's and blame it for ankle issues later that summer. Please, please, please be careful with each footfall/footstrike! The harder you race it, the harder it'll be on little tendons you don't exercise on the road. Enjoy it, don't hit it hard, be a wuss, be tentative, that's OK! :-) And Sisson's little brother might rustle you up a burger afterwards, how cool is that :-)

Lulu said...

My advice: Don't get shitcanned Sat night and sleep through the race like I did last year (when it was supposed to be my very first trail race). Doh!