Monday, April 14, 2008

LAX Anyone?

Last week I was treated to my very first Lacrosse game...EVER!
And I have to say, it was really fun! Who knew???
KP was nice enough to pass out Rules & Regs to us newbies at the Pre-game Pit Action as we all did our best to prepare for the evening's festivities. We headed on over to Westlake Stadium (apparently just some green carpet tightly stretched over concrete) to the game.
When we settled in and started cheering, we got all sorts of crazy looks from the parents and regulars. The Westlake parents gave us looks of disdain while the Westwood parents were like "Who the heck are y'all? Where have you been all season? and Here's our schedule for the remaining games!!"

"We're just friends of Kenny's!" We replied and continued to be obnoxious, supportive crazy fans complete with cowbells and yells of "Ole, ole, ole...Westwood...Westwood!"

It was awesome! I mean seriously: sports, friends, food, grog...what more can you ask for??

Of course we added our own twist by taking breaks. First we decided to have a stop in Panther's truck:

But then we quickly realized that we couldn't actually fit everyone in there, so we moved to my "condo on wheels"!

Just another example of why it is great to have three rows of seats. Pictured from right to left, Panther, Ostrich, Codie, Krissy, Carri (not Kerry, but Birthday Girl! YAY!), Tim and behind camera Wiley and myself.

We've decided that the new business could easily be Fans For Hire. For a small fee (not necessarily monetary in nature), we will show up at your game, yell, scream and cheer for your team. I'll even let you put shoe polish on my windows pre-game.

Seriously, was a really great time. Thanks Austin!

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Glenda said...

Fans For Hire, I love it!

If you haven't seen this before, check it out:

It was a group that set out to surprise a Little League game with a "major league" experience. Read to the end, it just gets crazier and crazier what they pull out.