Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Exiting the Matrix

What a difference a few days off the grid makes!

Sometimes you just need a little downtime..no alarms, no appointments, no being responsible for little humans or canines....

A time to sleep in late AND take a 4-hour nap on the same day. A time to ride or NOT ride depending on how you feel. A time to eat a served, hot meal at a leisurely pace. A time to enjoy good friends, good food and good weather. A time to tinker on projects. A time to catch up on movies. A time to browse the bookstore and sit in the aisles and read. A time to eat, sleep, drink and be merry. A time to listen. A time to talk. A time to reflect.

Sometimes you find a little piece of happiness in the most unexpected of places.

It was been an absolutely wonderful and fantastic couple of days. I am refueled, recharged, reloaded and ready to take on the world! Watch out people! WOOT!

Ring, ring.
"I'm in"

1 comment:

Shorey said...

what happened with your hot tub party?? glad you feel renewed!