Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Devon's First Race - The Crocodile Run Kids K Race Report

There are some kids who like to run around and be silly crazy...and then there are some kids who just LOVE to run.
Devon LOVES to run.

We live in a culdesac and he will literally just run around the thing for hours...pushing or pulling anything that has wheels or that will not completely disintegrate after being hauled across concrete for hours on end. (Let me tell you how many boxes have met their demise on our driveway!)

So when Kerry and Cooper mentioned they were going to do a Kids run on Saturday, I thought...PERFECT!!

Shay had an 8:00am flag football game and the race started at 10:00. If we execute a hurry up offense, we should be able to make it!

When I told Devon and Shay about it, Devon's response was "I race too, Mommy?" as he has often witnessed me racing or preparing to race, likes putting on bib numbers and wearing my medals afterwards. Of course Shay always wants to know why I didn't come in FIRST place and that maybe I should try harder next time! :) While I certainly don't want to discourage his "Go for the Gold" attitude, I'm fearful (and well let's face it..kinda proud) of his competitiveness. I have NO idea where he gets that! ;) uh yea......anyway....

After recruiting some of Shay's football buddies (and families) to come with us, we motored on down to Congress, quickly registered and joined in the melee.

Here's Coop getting ready to run:
And here's Devon getting bibbed up..he was so excited!
Here's Shay getting his game face on. If any of you have ever raced with me, you will see how eerily similar this expression is....which of course is followed by the "Oh, there's a camera?" smile. Again, eerily similar. Even the way he is standing...knees locked, back all swayed...my lord, there was no mistake at the hospital with this one.

AAAAAANNNNDDDDDD...We're Off! Shay and his buddies took off quick and I knew I wouldn't see them until the finish line at our designated meeting place. I followed behind Devon with the SAG wagon (jogging stroller and rolling waterstop). He jigged and jagged, dodged and weaved his way through the masses of legs and strollers. It was hard to keep up because he would slip through some narrow places that I couldn't get through with the stroller!

He even got the traditional Cap 10-K look at the capital during a run:
And just when you thought everything was going well:
He was a champ though. Dusted himself off. Had a quick drink of water and was back after it. Rounding the Capital and pausing a moment back on Congress as if to say, "And now we drop the hammer"..then BOOM! He took off towards the finish line!

Devon ended up squeezing through people in the finishing chute, so I couldn't be right next to him when he finished, but I snapped a picture of the clock when I think he went through and then I found him on the other side already with his ribbon to his exclamation of "Mommy! I won, I WON!" Yes, you did sweetie...yes you did.

We then met up with Shay enjoying HIS spoils of victory. Good times.


Jane said...

I hope that when I'm a mom, I find myself chasing after my child and taking photos when they fall down (and hopefully laughing with them). Seems WAY more fun that way!

That's awesome, Dionn! Congrats to your little ones on a great accomplishment :-)

GG said...

Great guys, they get a free trip to Devons' favorite store - Target
Love, GG Grandma Geri.

Shorey said...

I think I teared up a little! Great report, guys!

linschaffner said...

Fantastic! One for the record books. Wish we could have seen it. Love and congratulations to our grandsons.
Mimi and Papa Bill