Monday, April 14, 2008

A Day in the Life of Erin

I try to be a good friend, so when Erin mentioned that she might need some help with some work stuff last Friday, I was happy to oblige.

Oh, did I mention that said work event involved (wo)manning a tent on Hole #2 at an industry golf tournament? All we needed to do was provide some entertainment and beverages to the parched participants....that's "Marketing" to you people. Seems like something I can handle....

In addition to just playing through, the attendees could play our little game of pitch...simply hit the golf ball into a bucket about 15 yards away and win some Crown!!
I was there to demonstrate that yes, it can in fact be done. ( took me a couple of tries, but I sunk one!) Weapon of choice 60-degree wedge -- I won it an Executive Women's Golf Association tourney several years back. Yes, in a former life I played golf and was an actual working executive...hard to believe, I know. We had a blast chatting with all the folks coming through, serving bevies and promoting Fire, Water & Smoke Restoration (as well as Mold Remediation - Mold Remediation of course.) from the best company in town.
I think I will add to my title: Fan for Hire and Booth Babe.
Anyone else need any "help"??


MikeW said...

you stole my word: bevies

Erin said...

blasphemy! this is hardly how i spend my workdays. (Uh, see you at the Chili Cookoff and next golf tournament, right? ;))

Scot said...

You gals were great out there...I mean, we should all have these types of "jobs." ; )