Friday, April 4, 2008

Catching Up!

My goodness, a week since the last post?

That's because I was on a self-proclaimed hiatus until my taxes were done. Ugh.

But now I'm finished...YAY!!

Recap...lots of swimming and biking and running.

Monday consisted of a steady (yet still seemingly challenging) 7-mile run. The brief hiatus after the marathon season and focus on the bike feels like it hurt my run. However, this week's monday run was significantly better than last week, so maybe the run is coming back.

Tuesday we did Circuit Breakers again. And it seemed like every other training group has circuits on their schedule as well. Out at AHS, the Gazelles were there, Meredith and her group, our band of merry folk...all doing circuits of some sort with step-ups, lunges, squats, pullups(!), hill climbers, 400 and 800 repeats -- all sorts of craziness. It looked like Boot Camp Central! It was great though. I managed to bang out 7 (instructions were one more than last time..which I had done 5.5) with the following 400M/Circuit splits:

1 - 1:33 , 8:13
2 - 1:31, 7:47
3 - 1:33, 8:40 (stopped and chatted with some friends...oops)
4 - 1:32, 7:26
5 - 1:31, 7:35
6 - 1:33, 7:44
7 - 1:34, 7:38

Krissy wasn't there to pace me on the 400s, but I managed to keep them steady. Of course I was still relegated to watching Triscuit's ass the whole time. (At least it is cute!) Damn that girl is fast. shit.

Wednesday was a long day. Ran 10-miles...slowly.... 8:41/M pace turns out. This felt MUCH better than last week's long run. So maybe my legs are coming back. YAY!

Then 20 minutes later, hit up the T3 swim class with Chrisse Novak. The "short" workout turned out to be 3,000yds!!! Glad I wasn't doing the long one that day.

The highlight was when we started the first kick set and my leg LITERALLY seized up into a cramp that included the top of my calf and that muscle that runs the length next to your shin bone (I have no idea what that one is called...someone clue me in...).

Next time I plan on doing a 10/3,000 brick, someone remind me to fuel and hydrate up, please! ouch.


Mark said...

Salt tabs on those run/swims help avoid cramps.

Shorey said...

If it was on the inside of the shin bone, then it's the Soleus - welcome to my hell over the last year... If it was on the outside, it's the Tibialis Anterior, which gets a great workout when running hills.

Chrissy is a great swim coach, but my word on the 3000 yds. Yowza!