Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BOOM! Goes the Dynamite

So that was the name of the quality track workout tonight and it goes like this:

200M - Easy
200M - 10k Pace
200M - 5k Pace
200M - Mile Pace/All out

Repeat 6-8 times.

Simple enough. My paces for the 200's should be:
10k - 55 seconds
5k - 52.5 seconds
1M - 47 seconds

Here's how it went:

Set #1:
Easy - 1:03
10k - 53 (a little excited out of the gate)
5k - 51 (well, he said there should be about a 2sec differential between your 10k and 5k paces..)
1M - 47

Set #2:
Easy - 1:08
10k - 55 (nailed it!)
5K - 51 (well, dammit. At least I was consistent)
1M - 47 (booya!)

Set #3:
Easy - 1:15 (starting to get a little winded..need more recovery)
10k - 56 (oops)
5k - 53 (ugh.)
1M - 48

~~~~ HALFTIME: Time for a water break. It is, afterall, like 90 DEGREES OUT! ~~~~~

Set #4:
Easy - 1:02
10k - 54 (better)
5k - 53 (uh oh)
1M - 47 (good recovery)

Set #5:
Easy - 1:15
10k - 54 (nice!)
5k - 54 (uh oh!)
1m - 47 (phew)

Set #6:
Easy - 1:43 (walked the first 100...getting very tired..)
10k - 53 (oops..a little fast)
5k - 52 (closer to being on pace)
1M - 46 (SUHWEET!)

~~~~~~ Water break #2. Can I do one more? I ask myself. Panther asks me, "you going to do another?" "I think so...", I reply weakly. Gareth (who did sets 1-5 with me but not 6) says, "I'll go with you once more." Sweet, I'm in. "Ok, let's do this thing!"

Championship Set - Set #7:
Easy - 1:08
10k - 53 (really wanting to be done)
5k - 51 (took 2 secs off...nice.)
1M - 46 (WOOT!)

After that I was pretty much toast. The 30-mile bike ride up and down 620 from earlier in the day was really starting to show on my legs. Triscuit and I both agreed that if we could have recovered for about 5 minutes, we could've legged out #8...but we'll save that for next time.

I only got lapped by Triscuit twice, so all in all, it was a great workout. I was completely famished afterwards and now I'm really, really, really tired. How awesome is that??


Glenda said...

That workout kicked my butt! Triscuit and I had the same problem on the later repeats with our 5K pace being a couple seconds slow, we just couldn't seem to hit it consistently.

Driver said...

FYI, this is my last week in the PR class (which I been having on TU morning, hence my not doing the runs with yall)...So, I will be back in full effect with you guys next week!! And I've gotten faster, so get ready I'm gonna push your paces haha!!

Lulu said...

Boom goes the D!!!

Erin said...

wait, I thought it was " boom goes the C!!!" ???