Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trail Practice

Leveraging Wiley's new (but very temporary) Funemployment status, I wrangled him into a mid-morning trail run on the famed greenbelt. (Much to Kmo's chagrin. Sorry!) It was a beautiful morning and seemingly perfect weather for a nice jaunt in the woods.

The run by the water was awesome. Wiley was a great host pointing out the local flora and fauna as we went along. I listened intently but rarely stole a glance in whatever direction he was pointing, so I wouldn't miss the branch/rock/stump/spider/mud pile/etc. I needed to nimbly bound over so as not to go tumbling head over ass.(My lord, my legs and torso are SO out of proportion. Yes, the shorts are sitting at my natural waistline. I am the adolescent giraffe. Ugh.)

I got to see the infamous Hill of Life.

But don't worry Kmo, we did not run up it. I've saved that pop for you! ;)

Wiley had a relaxing shower massage in the beautiful waterfall. I declined to partake..maybe when the weather is way, way, way 100 know..tropical.

There was even a Godzilla sighting! Wiley went RAWRRRRRRR! (even though he didn't want to...)

All in all, it was a fantastic 8 miles of trail running (that feels WAY harder than 8 miles on the road...I'll give you trail folks that...whew!) without suffering an injury, getting lost or having to use the bathroom in nature. I call that a rousing success!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008


...somehow or another I've let myself be talked into running a trail race this weekend. MY FIRST EVER OFFICIAL TRAIL RACE! Yikes!!

(Of course a lot of it had to do with my willingness to have an excuse NOT to do any of the open water swims this weekend. All this weather of late, the water temps are not quite up to tropical levels yet....and you know how I feel about cold water...ugh.)

I'm nervous and excited. It's only a 10k, but something brand spankin' new!! How fun for me!

Any words of advice from you trail-er trash out there for a roadrunner would be great...

Monday, April 28, 2008

More Fun with Hamsters

We've upgraded our Hamster Maze activity...we've moved up from blocks to foam board with magnets glue gunned to the bottom then placed on a big oil pan. It is BIG TIME fun! We can design and redesign cool mazes for Chewy to navigate.

I'm not sure who's having more fun with this project, me or Shay. (It is SO calling the engineer in me..not even funny....seriously.)

Chewy seemed to enjoy himself as well, stopping occastionally for a bath in the middle or to gnosh on the walls (we may need to reconsider the wall material...hmmmm...) and being rewarded with his favorite treat, a sunflower seed, when he reaches the end!

This just in from Devonator..

"Mommy, if you see a butterfly and you think it is beautiful, say 'Mariposa!' "

(It also reminds me of a book I read by one of my favorite authors, Dean Koontz..can't remember which one..where the kid in the story called them Flutterbys...which actually makes more sense to

It follows on from our slug bug game (you know the one where if you see a VW Beetle you yell, "Slug bug" -- except we don't slug one another, you get points.....yes, I know that upsets some of get one point for the new beetles and TWO for the old "Herbie"-style beetles) where he will say, "If you see a slug bug say 'SLUG BUG' and say the color!"

--why do I think that is so cute? I'm a dork. I know. Sorry. Carry on.

No sequitor monday.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Chili Slam '08

Food + Friends + Suds + Sun = FUN!

Thanks E for inviting us to the Chili Slam. What a blast! I love "marketing".

E and Kmo were looking fantabulous as usual and I had to give E big hugs for the invite:

I love the look from the guys. It reads -- What the ??? AD Girls on a Scissor lift??

Just don't ask Wiley what happens with 3 girls, a portapotty and an iPhone....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BOOM! Goes the Dynamite

So that was the name of the quality track workout tonight and it goes like this:

200M - Easy
200M - 10k Pace
200M - 5k Pace
200M - Mile Pace/All out

Repeat 6-8 times.

Simple enough. My paces for the 200's should be:
10k - 55 seconds
5k - 52.5 seconds
1M - 47 seconds

Here's how it went:

Set #1:
Easy - 1:03
10k - 53 (a little excited out of the gate)
5k - 51 (well, he said there should be about a 2sec differential between your 10k and 5k paces..)
1M - 47

Set #2:
Easy - 1:08
10k - 55 (nailed it!)
5K - 51 (well, dammit. At least I was consistent)
1M - 47 (booya!)

Set #3:
Easy - 1:15 (starting to get a little winded..need more recovery)
10k - 56 (oops)
5k - 53 (ugh.)
1M - 48

~~~~ HALFTIME: Time for a water break. It is, afterall, like 90 DEGREES OUT! ~~~~~

Set #4:
Easy - 1:02
10k - 54 (better)
5k - 53 (uh oh)
1M - 47 (good recovery)

Set #5:
Easy - 1:15
10k - 54 (nice!)
5k - 54 (uh oh!)
1m - 47 (phew)

Set #6:
Easy - 1:43 (walked the first 100...getting very tired..)
10k - 53 (oops..a little fast)
5k - 52 (closer to being on pace)
1M - 46 (SUHWEET!)

~~~~~~ Water break #2. Can I do one more? I ask myself. Panther asks me, "you going to do another?" "I think so...", I reply weakly. Gareth (who did sets 1-5 with me but not 6) says, "I'll go with you once more." Sweet, I'm in. "Ok, let's do this thing!"

Championship Set - Set #7:
Easy - 1:08
10k - 53 (really wanting to be done)
5k - 51 (took 2 secs off...nice.)
1M - 46 (WOOT!)

After that I was pretty much toast. The 30-mile bike ride up and down 620 from earlier in the day was really starting to show on my legs. Triscuit and I both agreed that if we could have recovered for about 5 minutes, we could've legged out #8...but we'll save that for next time.

I only got lapped by Triscuit twice, so all in all, it was a great workout. I was completely famished afterwards and now I'm really, really, really tired. How awesome is that??

Exiting the Matrix

What a difference a few days off the grid makes!

Sometimes you just need a little alarms, no appointments, no being responsible for little humans or canines....

A time to sleep in late AND take a 4-hour nap on the same day. A time to ride or NOT ride depending on how you feel. A time to eat a served, hot meal at a leisurely pace. A time to enjoy good friends, good food and good weather. A time to tinker on projects. A time to catch up on movies. A time to browse the bookstore and sit in the aisles and read. A time to eat, sleep, drink and be merry. A time to listen. A time to talk. A time to reflect.

Sometimes you find a little piece of happiness in the most unexpected of places.

It was been an absolutely wonderful and fantastic couple of days. I am refueled, recharged, reloaded and ready to take on the world! Watch out people! WOOT!

Ring, ring.
"I'm in"

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Workout Update

Wow. These "magic number" weeks are kicking my tushie.

Monday - 7 miles running, 20 miles biking. check.
Tuesday - quality run - 8..yes EIGHT circuit breakers! check.
Wednesday - 10 miles running, 3000 swimming. check.

and the big mileage days aren't even here yet...OYE!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

View from the Lower Deck

Do you ever wonder what it was like as a 3-year old? My earliest memories began right around there...but only because they were some sort of traumatic experience.

Like the time my sister was pushing me in the stroller on the way to the park when we lived in England. (Yes, I'm an Air Force brat!) The park was at the bottom of this (seemingly long and steep) hill. Apparently, she (my elder by 3 years) thought it would be interesting to see what happened if she just gave the stroller a little nudge from the top and then let it go. The only thing I recall is careening down the hill in my pram (as such we were in England you know) and thinking, wow...the swings sure went by really, really fast, until my face ate grass and dirt and I was subjected to my first (but not only) good case of road rash. Ahhh...good times. Gotta love siblings. [UPDATE: my sister just called to vehemently and categorically deny any such event. Clearly she has blocked it from her memory...trauma works in mysterious ways. ;) LOVE YOU TRACI!]

ANYWAY, Devon is becoming increasing adept at handling my iPhone. (To those of you who have received his text messages, I apologize for those and in advance for the ones coming at some point, I'm sure...) And he knows that there is a camera in there as well. I thought to myself, I wonder what the day looks like from his perspective. So I gave him the phone and showed him how take pictures.

Here's Devon's first photo essay:

Hi! It's me Devon and here's what I see,
my water bottle, my favorite push toy and my mommy.

These are all very important, when you're only three,
And let's not forget my big brother and my blankie.

I call, "Hey Mommy", she bends down and says, "What?" And when she looks away, I take pictures of (I'm not allowed to say that word.)

Somehow she knows when I'm up to no good,
And gives me that look that only a mother could.

I just smile and hug her until her sad face goes away
And she scoops me up and says, "C'mon sweetie..let's go play."

Spenco Tri Photos

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Day in the Life of Erin

I try to be a good friend, so when Erin mentioned that she might need some help with some work stuff last Friday, I was happy to oblige.

Oh, did I mention that said work event involved (wo)manning a tent on Hole #2 at an industry golf tournament? All we needed to do was provide some entertainment and beverages to the parched participants....that's "Marketing" to you people. Seems like something I can handle....

In addition to just playing through, the attendees could play our little game of pitch...simply hit the golf ball into a bucket about 15 yards away and win some Crown!!
I was there to demonstrate that yes, it can in fact be done. ( took me a couple of tries, but I sunk one!) Weapon of choice 60-degree wedge -- I won it an Executive Women's Golf Association tourney several years back. Yes, in a former life I played golf and was an actual working executive...hard to believe, I know. We had a blast chatting with all the folks coming through, serving bevies and promoting Fire, Water & Smoke Restoration (as well as Mold Remediation - Mold Remediation of course.) from the best company in town.
I think I will add to my title: Fan for Hire and Booth Babe.
Anyone else need any "help"??

LAX Anyone?

Last week I was treated to my very first Lacrosse game...EVER!
And I have to say, it was really fun! Who knew???
KP was nice enough to pass out Rules & Regs to us newbies at the Pre-game Pit Action as we all did our best to prepare for the evening's festivities. We headed on over to Westlake Stadium (apparently just some green carpet tightly stretched over concrete) to the game.
When we settled in and started cheering, we got all sorts of crazy looks from the parents and regulars. The Westlake parents gave us looks of disdain while the Westwood parents were like "Who the heck are y'all? Where have you been all season? and Here's our schedule for the remaining games!!"

"We're just friends of Kenny's!" We replied and continued to be obnoxious, supportive crazy fans complete with cowbells and yells of "Ole, ole, ole...Westwood...Westwood!"

It was awesome! I mean seriously: sports, friends, food, grog...what more can you ask for??

Of course we added our own twist by taking breaks. First we decided to have a stop in Panther's truck:

But then we quickly realized that we couldn't actually fit everyone in there, so we moved to my "condo on wheels"!

Just another example of why it is great to have three rows of seats. Pictured from right to left, Panther, Ostrich, Codie, Krissy, Carri (not Kerry, but Birthday Girl! YAY!), Tim and behind camera Wiley and myself.

We've decided that the new business could easily be Fans For Hire. For a small fee (not necessarily monetary in nature), we will show up at your game, yell, scream and cheer for your team. I'll even let you put shoe polish on my windows pre-game.

Seriously, was a really great time. Thanks Austin!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


It's a "Hard" week at Camp Punishment this week and I'm really starting to feel the affects of it all...and the big mileage of the weekend isn't even here yet. Oye.

Following the More Pricks than Kicks of Tuesday, Wednesday called for 10 easy. I'm sorry, but 10 doesn't feel very easy...especially with the crazy humidity of late. But I know it is all for good training. Last year's temps at the Longhorn are a perfect example of why you should train in non-ideal conditions!

I managed to bang out the required 10, but my pace was slow... 9:21 according to my new fancy online training log (THANKS MIKE!). Truthfully, I was thankful just to get 'er done. My feet were really bothering me and my ankle was feeling funny. I started thinking, oh boy, I hope I'm not flirting with an injury or something. But then it dawned on me....when was the last time I replaced my running shoes?

I flip them over and the outside edges are worn down and there's almost a bald spot at the front pad of my foot. Um...might be time for a new pair, maybe? Ya Think?? (Where the hell was Gina when I needed her! Dammit!)

Today came and I realized with the crazy schedule this week that I haven't yet been in the pool, I won't have time to brick on Saturday because of Shay's flag football game, I can't brick on Friday because the boys are out of school and then I'm "working" for Erin in the afternoon (I'm sure there will be great pics coming..check back soon!) and Sunday will have to be the long ride. So now what??

After much debate and triangulation with various workout friends, Erin and I decided to swim and brick today, quality ride Saturday, long ride on Sunday, try to toss in another swim on either saturday or sunday. Check, check.

So, we headed out to the veloway/Autobahn for our 20/3 brick. And it all seems well and good, except when I arrive, I begin to notice a plethora of Texas Iron jerseys...everywhere. Oh lord. Turns out they were out there time trialing.

Erin and I look at each other. Our workout calls for an EASY brick. Ok..first of all, as you know, when we get together we have a hard time going easy. Second of all, Texas Iron was going to be out there...on the autobahn...while we are on the autobahn...going as hard as they can....while we are supposed to be going easy... You can see where this is going, right??

We confer and agree that we are in fact going to go EASY...stay within our prescribed no attention to the mass of riders at the start of the autobahn getting ready to come screaming by us....hhmmm.....aaaaaaannnnnnnddddd...uhhhhh. no.

They looked like they were still warming up/discussing things, etc., so we figured if we got a good head start on them (going easy of course) we wouldn't be in danger of having them come up on us...then we'd have to start going harder...drop the hammer...slam the pickle know..

So as we headed out on our final autobahn loop (we had started our workout before they did...) our "easy" pace had a little bit of a kick to it...not a lot..but definitely more than if we'd just been out there by ourselves.

The back side of the autobahn is always fun and so we went ahead and clicked into big gears, got aero and picked it up a little bit more. It was fun...felt good. And as we neared the finish of the loop, E comments to me, well at least we didn't get passed by any Texas Iron people and I responded yea!.....of course this was just as we were passing Jamie himself standing on the side with a clip board ready to jot times of his riders. Oh Hi Jamie, we smile and wave. ;) oops!

Nothing like some friendly competition to get your motor running!

We followed that with a 3 mile run into the neighborhood. And all I know is, y'all better watch out because E's run is picking up!

Rounded out the evening with some grub from Zen in the beautiful night air. Awesome workout day!

Swim: 2,000yds
Bike: 20 miles
Run: 3 miles

I love triathlon season.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More Pricks Than Kicks - Tuesday's Quality Run

Why is it called that? I have no idea...all I know is this was the plan:


800m @ 10K pace
400m @ 5k pace
200m @ 1mile pace
400m recovery

Repeat 2-4 times

warmdown. after some mental gymnastics, I figured my splits should look like this:

1st 400m - 1:50 (7:20 10k)
2nd 400m - 1:50
3rd 400m - 1:45 (7:00 5k)
200m - 0:45 (6:00 1mile...hmmm, that was supposed to be retrospect, I messed that up...oops....should've been aiming for 0:47-0:48ish)
400m recovery - ??

Here's how it went down:
Set #1:
1st 400m - 1:49
2nd 400m - 1:50 (how's that for nailing the 10k pace..without a garmin...HELLO!)
3rd 400m - 1:42
200m - 0:46
recovery - 2:42

Now, I must've looked pretty bad already because Panther came running by me saying, "If you can't hold your paces stop at 3. Please. I mean seriously, PLEASE."

However, as stated before, I take awhile to warm up. So I was hoping that the next set would feel better and I could maintain my paces. Because I really wanted to be able to do four, it gave me some extra motivation to really nail my paces.

Set #2
1st 400m - 1:48 (was worried about not keeping up the pace..oops.)
2nd 400m - 1:51 (figured that should average out to be about right for the 800)
3rd 400m - 1:42 (something to be said for consistency on the 5k pace, right?)
200m - 0:47 (ugh..that was really hard!)
recovery - 4:27 (stopped and took a water break during the recovery and walked some..figured it was half time, right?)

Set #3
1st 400m - 1:44 (again was worried about not keeping up the pace..oops.)
2nd 400m - 1:56 (averaged out for 800)
3rd 400m - 1:44 (having to work hard here...)
200m - 0:48 (ugh..that was really, really hard!)
recovery - 5:28 (walked...ALOT of the lapped by Triscuit...again.)

At this point, I was really hurting. I could hear Panther's comment in my head rolling around...just do 3...Just Do 3. The bottom of my feet were stinging and I could feel the blisters starting to form. (I have just switched to my Tri shoe strings and they are a little tight I think.) I was saying to, I probably shouldn't have done those 20 miles on my trainer last night (I watched the NCAA championship game...then overtime..I had to keep riding...). AND I did run 7 yesterday also. My legs are tired. It's hot. I'm sweaty. Yada, Yada, Yada. (I would've had to change my wristband several times, E!)

And just then I was passing the AHS scoreboard. I looked up and at the very top it says this:
"No Excuses. Do The WORK."

Well. There you have it. Basically, STFU and run. we go.

1st 400m - 1:49 (so far, so good)
2nd 400m - 1:54 (lord..I'm winded)
3rd 400m - 1:45 (hang in there, D. Received some inspirational words from E that helped out!)
200m - 0:46 (had to pull that out of my you know what!)

Thank God THAT's over with! Phew!

Warmed down back to J&As with a nice easy jog, but was feeling every damn step of it. Followed that with some great tailgating. Perfect workout evening. Thanks Austin. Thanks AD runners!

Devon's First Race - The Crocodile Run Kids K Race Report

There are some kids who like to run around and be silly crazy...and then there are some kids who just LOVE to run.
Devon LOVES to run.

We live in a culdesac and he will literally just run around the thing for hours...pushing or pulling anything that has wheels or that will not completely disintegrate after being hauled across concrete for hours on end. (Let me tell you how many boxes have met their demise on our driveway!)

So when Kerry and Cooper mentioned they were going to do a Kids run on Saturday, I thought...PERFECT!!

Shay had an 8:00am flag football game and the race started at 10:00. If we execute a hurry up offense, we should be able to make it!

When I told Devon and Shay about it, Devon's response was "I race too, Mommy?" as he has often witnessed me racing or preparing to race, likes putting on bib numbers and wearing my medals afterwards. Of course Shay always wants to know why I didn't come in FIRST place and that maybe I should try harder next time! :) While I certainly don't want to discourage his "Go for the Gold" attitude, I'm fearful (and well let's face it..kinda proud) of his competitiveness. I have NO idea where he gets that! ;) uh yea......anyway....

After recruiting some of Shay's football buddies (and families) to come with us, we motored on down to Congress, quickly registered and joined in the melee.

Here's Coop getting ready to run:
And here's Devon getting bibbed up..he was so excited!
Here's Shay getting his game face on. If any of you have ever raced with me, you will see how eerily similar this expression is....which of course is followed by the "Oh, there's a camera?" smile. Again, eerily similar. Even the way he is standing...knees locked, back all lord, there was no mistake at the hospital with this one.

AAAAAANNNNDDDDDD...We're Off! Shay and his buddies took off quick and I knew I wouldn't see them until the finish line at our designated meeting place. I followed behind Devon with the SAG wagon (jogging stroller and rolling waterstop). He jigged and jagged, dodged and weaved his way through the masses of legs and strollers. It was hard to keep up because he would slip through some narrow places that I couldn't get through with the stroller!

He even got the traditional Cap 10-K look at the capital during a run:
And just when you thought everything was going well:
He was a champ though. Dusted himself off. Had a quick drink of water and was back after it. Rounding the Capital and pausing a moment back on Congress as if to say, "And now we drop the hammer"..then BOOM! He took off towards the finish line!

Devon ended up squeezing through people in the finishing chute, so I couldn't be right next to him when he finished, but I snapped a picture of the clock when I think he went through and then I found him on the other side already with his ribbon to his exclamation of "Mommy! I won, I WON!" Yes, you did sweetie...yes you did.

We then met up with Shay enjoying HIS spoils of victory. Good times.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Channeling Lulu (AKA Spenco Tri Race Report)

It started out simply enough. I was looking at our 3-week cycle and where we were...and on the weekend it had this entry:

Thurs: Quality ride (If you're dong Spenco, just do easy 20-mile ride)
Saturday: Long ride 65 miles followed by 2 mile run. If you're doing the Spenco Tri, do your pre-race loosener
Sunday: Brick 30 mile ride, 6 mile run or SPENCO TRI!

And I thought, Spenco Tri? Spenco Tri? What is this Spenco Tri and why is it on the calendar.

So, I started investigating. AHA! Erin! That sly minx...she did it last year and was originally going to do it this year as well, but at some point decided not to, yet it was still on the calendar.

But then I was thinking......hmmmm....why not? Could be fun! It's at the Texas Ski Ranch...which I LOVE! It would be good warmup for the Rookie and a good chance to get some baseline Sprint Tri numbers to roll into the season with...right???

So, I send this message to Erin.... "E, I have a wild hair." And after several back and forths, her dropping the f-bombs and calling me all sorts of unmentionable names, she relents. "Alright. I'm in."


So, we channeled Lulu and didn't tell anyone we were going to race this weekend. (Except for Maggie who we also conned into coming with us as her "recovery workout" from last week's HALF IRON. Holy crap.)

Come Sunday morning, we bundled up our gear in my living room on wheels and head south to the Ski Ranch.

First of all, let me remind you of my first and most major nemesis: Cold Water! Temps outside were at 60. Water temps at the Ski Ranch? Wetsuit legal. Shit. But somehow, Erin convinced me that it wasn't worth the time in transition with a wetsuit for a sprint. In theory, I knew she was right...but that meant that I would have to brave frigid (to me they are...I am a tropical people) waters...granted for only 500M..but still.

This time last year, I DNF'd in an open swim because the water was so cold to me. Yes. It is true. Total mental issue, I know. But is there nonetheless. I'm owning that issue.

We arrive and get ready for the swim start. And everybody save us and maybe 5 others are guessed it...wetsuits. ARGH!

Fortunately..because it was SO COLD outside, the water didn't feel that bad! Go figure!

The Sprint Tri was so small that it only went out in two waves...Men then Women. So Erin, Maggie and I all got to start together. YAY!

I mentally struggled my way around the 500M...just trying to ignore the water temp, not let my heart rate race from the anxiety of my first cold water swim, and just keep swimming. I breathed on my left every 2 strokes to make sure I remained calm and collected. Turned out to be a pretty good strategy as before I knew it I was rounding the last buoy and heading for the mental breakdowns in sight. DOUBLE YAY!

I think I was so relieved, that I took an extremely LEISURELY T1. I mean I really was completely relaxed and taking my time getting into my cycling gear. I even stopped and poundered whether or not I should put a long sleeve shirt or my arm warmers on. It was quite chilly out and I was wet. Sure, I'll put a dry long sleeve shirt on....on my wet, sticky arms...

As I'm doing this, Erin comes scooting into transition. We chat a bit. She shows me a bite on her foot. (Seriously..I kid you not.)

Then all of a sudden I realize, hey, we're racing today. Shit!! I drop my feeble attempts at the shirt, grab my arm warmers and stuff them in my back pocket, grab my bike and head out.

Swim + T1= 10:51.4 (6th overall woman)

On to the bike. And we're off. I start peddling hard because I know E will be right behind me, and if there is any chance of me at least keeping her in my sights, I'm going to need a big head start.

And sure enough, she comes whizzing by...WHOOSH! Ok, now I have my we go.

I tried keeping up with Erin for as long as I could. I nestled in (3 bike lengths back of course) and kept after it. It was great to see Erin battling it out with this other chick...we went back and forth passing her..then she passed us...then Erin kicked it up a notch and passed her (dropping me in the process). They went back and forth a couple times until Erin (with an excellent spin cadence mind you) overtook her...going UPHILL...and just demoralized her. Poor girl was never to be heard from again. GO ERIN! She ended up turning in the 2nd best bike split for all the women! Hell ya!

I managed to eek out my bike with Erin's pink tri suit in sight, so I thought that wasn't too bad. Made a speedy T2 and was off to the run. Official split for 11.5mile bike plus T2 = 38:36. (I think we know where I need to focus...)

The run off the bike felt surprisingly good. All those bricks we are doing is definitely paying off. I was able to catch Erin a little ways into the run. She was looking steady and strong! I kept picking them up and putting them down. I didn't click my watch for any of the splits and there were no mile markers, so I was just going to go by feel..and well, really the field.

The race was small, but I couldn't find many other women...and none in my age group as I saw people coming back down the out and back run course. A quick check behind one other than Erin...I think I've got this age group thing in the bag..suhweet!

Passing Erin on the turnaround, she told me, "Go get that 14-year old!" Yes, she was the tushy I was chasing as my rabbit, since she was the only female I could see ahead of me. So, I went to hawk her down. Slowly, slowly..the distance between us decreased. And on the uphill, just before turning left back into the ski ranch I had caught her. Cool!

But as it turned out..she was just resting, getting ready for her final kick around the lake to the finish!

She picked up the pace and I let her go...I felt comfortable..she wasn't even in my age group, (yea - come find me when you are in your 30's and had two kids Miss Thing!), there was no one else close behind me, it was early in the season, blah, blah, blah...lollygag, lollygag, lollygag. (Bad, Dionn, BAD, BAD!)

Cruised into the finish feeling good. Official run split = 23:18. Second best run split for the women! (14-year old was first with 23:14.)

After a considerable wait time for results, (you guys don't know how good we have it with Run-Far...GO RAUL!) they finally start announcing. Turns out there will be no age group awards, only overall! WHAT?! That would've been nice to know BEFORE the race. How about posting that kind of information on the website?? There were quite a few folks who waited around from AG awards that could've left HOURS ago! Literally.

Not only that, I then realized that I WAS in fact racing against the 14-year old. DAMMIT! (channel Kris and say that..).

But to my surprise, they announced, "For the Spenco Sprint Triathlon, in 3rd place for the women, Dionn!" What what???

COOL! What a great way to start the season!!

Lexi, the 14-year old, came in second naturally, beating by 28 seconds. drat.

My official splits were:

Swim(500m)+T1: 10:51.4
Bike(11.5) +T2: 38:36.3
Run(5K): 23:18.3
Total: 1:12:46.1

AG Finish: 1st Place
Gender Finish: 3rd Place
Overall: 18th Place

Not a bad outing. It was good to get one under my belt. It is totally re-energizing. Man, I need to work on my bike speed. Who wants to go for a ride this week??

UPDATE: Stole this picture from E and per Wiley's request, added a picture of my hardware! YAY!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Catching Up!

My goodness, a week since the last post?

That's because I was on a self-proclaimed hiatus until my taxes were done. Ugh.

But now I'm finished...YAY!!

Recap...lots of swimming and biking and running.

Monday consisted of a steady (yet still seemingly challenging) 7-mile run. The brief hiatus after the marathon season and focus on the bike feels like it hurt my run. However, this week's monday run was significantly better than last week, so maybe the run is coming back.

Tuesday we did Circuit Breakers again. And it seemed like every other training group has circuits on their schedule as well. Out at AHS, the Gazelles were there, Meredith and her group, our band of merry folk...all doing circuits of some sort with step-ups, lunges, squats, pullups(!), hill climbers, 400 and 800 repeats -- all sorts of craziness. It looked like Boot Camp Central! It was great though. I managed to bang out 7 (instructions were one more than last time..which I had done 5.5) with the following 400M/Circuit splits:

1 - 1:33 , 8:13
2 - 1:31, 7:47
3 - 1:33, 8:40 (stopped and chatted with some friends...oops)
4 - 1:32, 7:26
5 - 1:31, 7:35
6 - 1:33, 7:44
7 - 1:34, 7:38

Krissy wasn't there to pace me on the 400s, but I managed to keep them steady. Of course I was still relegated to watching Triscuit's ass the whole time. (At least it is cute!) Damn that girl is fast. shit.

Wednesday was a long day. Ran 10-miles...slowly.... 8:41/M pace turns out. This felt MUCH better than last week's long run. So maybe my legs are coming back. YAY!

Then 20 minutes later, hit up the T3 swim class with Chrisse Novak. The "short" workout turned out to be 3,000yds!!! Glad I wasn't doing the long one that day.

The highlight was when we started the first kick set and my leg LITERALLY seized up into a cramp that included the top of my calf and that muscle that runs the length next to your shin bone (I have no idea what that one is called...someone clue me in...).

Next time I plan on doing a 10/3,000 brick, someone remind me to fuel and hydrate up, please! ouch.