Thursday, March 13, 2008

Swim, Bike - Fail Etiquette Class

Finally some GORGEOUS weather yesterday for spring break! YAY! I love the heat. Did I mention I'm a tropical people?

Unfortunately, the pools that I currently train in are inside. :( As much as I didn't want to, I left the beautiful day and headed indoor for my swim workout. I copied Lulu's last workout, affectionately calling it Lulu's Ladder and swam the following:
300yd - warm up
300 - kick (I am SLOW as molasses when I just kick...I swear this took like 20 minutes)
300 - pull

25Hard - 25Easy

600- cool down

Total Yds: 2500

It has been awhile since I did some hard intervals, so I was really feeling it. The easy's were a good reminder of how it feels to swim when you are tired, like after the sprinting start in a tri. Breathing every two, trying to regroup without losing ground. Ahhh, the feeling came rushing back in a hurry. Also, went all out on the last 25, got foot cramps and everything. nice.

Followed that with an easy ride of a warm up around the veloway followed by two autobahn loops. And here's where I failed my etiquette class. So, JJ pulled the first loop around the autobahn. I did my best to keep up, following Panther's tips on riding with faster riders, like snuggling in close when you are tired but staying out of the draft zone and working hard when you can.

I am always grateful to ride/run with people faster than me as it pushes me to really work. But I don't want to be that much slower that they don't want to train with me again...I mean, they need to get in their workout too, right??

So, when it was my turn to pull, I had a singular focus. Don't be slow. Work. No lollygagging. I knew I had worked hard just to stay close the first time around, so I was going to have to really, really push it to pull correctly.

Well, I was so focused on working hard to maintain EXACTLY a 21mph pace for as long as I could, I never looked back, not once...couldn't spare the energy as I was dying to maintain the pace. Of course in my obsession to keep my speedometer saying 21, I was not a very good puller. Totally blew the ebb and flow of the hills and the straights. It's supposed to be an average, D. Needless to say, I did not provide the same support I was given on the way out. Totally uncool. I suck. Note, this is NOT how to get nice people to ride with you again. Crap.

Public apology stated here.

I need to throw just as much focus into social norms like proper bike etiquette and showing up on time. (CP time be damned!) Sorry guys. I'm working on it. I swear. Now I go wallow in self-disgust.

Carry on.

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Lulu said...

That is a fun swim but the 100s hard kick my ass. I can't wait to swim with you. Wait. Yes I can. I might drown trying to keep up :)