Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break '08

Wow. When I think back how Spring Break '88 went down compared to this year....my...how times have changed.

No loading up the car with girls, booze, food, more booze and enough bikini's to outfit...well, actually the entire cheerleading squad. No road trippin' down to South Padre to spend the days laying out in the sun, walking the beach, jumping into jeeps with cute boys, getting into fights, talking/flirting our way out of trouble with the PD, partying until the sun came up at the SunChase IV.

Nope. My spring breaks have an entirely different flavor now.

Instead of hangin with my girls, looking for cute boys in jeeps....I'm chillin with my cute boys looking for cool cars...like this one we found! How cool is that!!

And instead of a game of quarters, we played "Guess Who?"
Instead of chips,salsa, queso and other junk, we ate chips, grilled cheese and apples:

We bowled (which is something we might have done back then..just not sober):

We golfed (which is something we also might have done..just not sober)

We snacked on Krispy Kremes (same...probably...but not sober, and we would've washed it down with something other than milk...)

Instead of fishing for cute boys, I had cute boys looking for fish. And checking out the local scenery took a new twist:

We snuck in some exercise (which we totally would NOT have done back then...)

And snuck in some science at the Children's Museum

And for more exercise during the week and to make sure we followed tradition and meet up with some civil servants, we rode out to our fire station...and followed that with our own version of Smash 'Em Up Derby. I'm not sure who won though...

But pretty much every day ended up with everyone like this:
Which is precisely how the days ended in Spring Break '88 (well sans the binkie).

Good Times.


Shorey said...

At least your boys didn't flip a car! or get a ticket for MIP! Good times, indeed!

Erin said...

uh. can i just say that your spring break was not all THAT sweet and innocent.

Might I remind you of a bar note from Thursday with the words, "I am NOT THE ASSHOLE?"