Thursday, March 6, 2008

Riding in the Wind Tunnel (aka Parmer Ride)

Erin, Kris and I set out on an easy 60-90minute ride on Parmer yesterday.

Ok...let's break down a couple things that are wrong about that sentence.

1. Easy Ride & Parmer
2. Erin, Kris and I & Easy ride

Does not compute.

Going out (west) on Parmer was actually quite pleasant. The wind was behind us, the sun shining gloriously and we, just chatting and spinning away. Then we flipped a U and WHAM! Hello WIND! OMG!

All of the sudden, everyone settles down low into their aeros and starts working against the wind. And then we weren't just working against the wind...we were pushing each other up and down the hills!

Those ladies crack me up. We are like a bunch of racehorses with no jockey...just going hard until we keel over. *sigh*

When we finished our loop and ended back at Lifetime. Erin, of course, noted that we had only ridden 19.25 (or something like that), so we LITERALLY rode around the parking lot until we got to 20. Yes, we are dorks like that. Of course, that still didn't top Kris who had put in 5 or so before she met us and another 5 to get back home.

So, I made Erin run a mile with me after our bike ride...just for the hell of it. She loves me.

I topped the workout day off with swim. A 500yd warmup followed by a 1000yd time trial (17:17) and a 400yd cool down.

I love triathlon season.


Why me? said...
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Kris said...

Is it odd that I found that ride to be, well, fun? I mean, I think there's something wrong with me. Who rides into a sustained 15 mph headwind (or whatever it was) for 10 miles and calls that fun?

Dionn said...

uh..yea...we do! ;)