Monday, March 3, 2008

P of A

Yes, I'm a Capricorn. Yes, I like having a Plan of Attack...for everything.

Ok...somehow I've got to get the following done in the next 5 hours:

- pack snacks, swimming suits and workout gear for Me, Shay and Devon
- pick up Shay from school (2:45)
- pick up Devon from school (3:00)
- drive to downtown
- Mommy runs 7 miles
- Devon has swimming lessons at 4:50 (Mommy must be poolside)
- Shay has swimming lessons at 5:40 (Mommy need not be poolside)
- Mommy has swim workout
- Help Shay with homework and reading of his "book buddy"
- Showers for everyone post-swim (but I can no longer take Shay into ladies locker room!)
- Dinner for everyone
- Drive back to north Austin
- Bedtime: 7:30pm

It should work somehow, I think, I let you know later how it turns out.... or if you have a good plan, please feel free to share it!


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