Monday, March 3, 2008

P of A - Rev 1.0

Well, it worked. Kinda...needs some revising but it went like this:

2:30 - pack snacks, swimming gear for mom and boys, mommy changes into running gear
2:45 - pick up Shay
3:00 - pick up Devon and drive to Townlake YMCA
3:20 - Arrive, depart with all of our gear, check boys into kids center
3:33 - Hit H&B trail and text Erin (and Karma) that I'm on my way
3:34 - Run into Laura K. (freelance writer extraordinaire and old friend) and have to catch up on her life, Jamie, and get lots of puppy love from her two beautiful goldens Cooper and Jake
3:39 - Resume run...supposed to meet Erin at 3:45 at I35..gonna be late (surprise! I know.)
3:?? - Meet Erin and Karma coming towards me (since I was late), they flip a "U" and we continue on trail
4:15 - Leave Erin and Karma near Auditorium shores as I realize I've got to really hustle to get all the way around and back to the Y before Devon's swim class starts
4:40 - Arrive back at the Y, get boys from kids' center, change boys into swim suits
4:50 - Devon's swim class starts. Shay and I sit poolside and do homework, write spelling cards, and read his book.
5:20 - Devon's swim class ends. Shower him down, changes his clothes, check him back in to kids center
5:30 - Shay's swim class starts. Mommy hops off to change into swim clothes, shower off and start my swim workout, but has to wait for 10 minutes for a lane to open up. ARGH!
6:20 - Shay's swim class ends. Mommy completes 2000yds. Shower Shay down, changes his clothes, go get Devon from kids center (again), depart Y.
6:45 - Arrive Jason's Deli for dinner! Devon has spaghetti and meatballs plus cornbread muffins from salad bar. Shay has mac 'n cheese and organic apples. Tried a muffin. Didn't like it. Preferred a pile of shredded cheese instead. (The boy likes cheese. I have no idea where he gets it.) Mommy has a cup of chili and a....wait for it...a SALAD! I know! Can you believe it?? More on that in another blog post...
7:30 - (Supposed to be bedtime!) Arrive home. Unload 2 school bags, boys' swimming bag, boys' snack bag, mommy's backpack, and Jason's Deli leftover containers from car and get inside.
7:40 - (Yes, it took 10 minutes to get out of the car with all our stuff and get inside.) Shay feeds dogs and hamster. Boys get pj's on, potty, brush teeth, potty again.
8:00 - In bed, lights out. Devon says he's not tired. Shay says his tummy hurts. Devon wants me to lay on the floor next to him and hold his hand until he falls asleep. (Common occurrence...I have pillow and blanket next to the bottom bunk for this purpose.)
8:05 - Snoring from both the top and bottom bunk. Boys are done.


Now mommy needs a shower and then I think I'm going straight to bed. I'm tired!!!


Kris said...

Wow. How did you do that?

Erin said...

You're a machine. And to think, I cut my run short, went and took a bath, and then played online until 8:00 when I decided to go to sleep.