Saturday, March 8, 2008

On Your Bike..Get Set...GO!

So after taking a much needed day off on Thursday, Friday we were back at the bike. (My mommy parts were in full protest..but hey...only way to make that better...well, maybe more..but I digress.)


Oh yea, baby. Somehow last season, I missed out on a bunch of these because of my race schedule. It never failed that they day we were supposed to be doing these, I was in taper for a race that weekend. Pooh.

But not this time. We headed out with the instruction of 3-4 hill repeats. But following my season goal of NO SANDBAGGING...I went in with the mentality of Go until you puke, get run over, or crash your bike or darkness falls....whichever comes first.

The first one felt like complete crap. I was seriously wondering if I was going to make it to 3. Second felt marginally better. Third felt way better.

So, I get to the top and everyone is there waiting on me. (I may be slow, but I will finish eventually.) And I say, "what the hell is everyone doing standing around?" Panther says, "Yay..we're done!" And I review my checklist with everyone, "Has anyone puked? Is there a broken bike? There's still light left...." All I got was that know the one that says, "who the hell let that crazy black girl in this group?" And then they clipped in and starting pedalling back to the cars.

I said to myself, well, I haven't puked, my bike is still good and there is definitely enough light for one more....and he said 3 to 4. If I want to be AG competitive, I need to do the top number, not the bottom.

So I flipped a U, grabbed the top tube between my knees, got a good grip on my brakes and starting hauling down Mesa. I ain't scared to ride alone. Hell, we are in Northwest Hills...worst case scenario is someone mistakes me for staff! ;)

Got to the bottom (promptly dropped my chain..dang it) and started heading back up. And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a lightning fast Kris on her shiny reindeer...well, on her bike at any rate. "I hate you!" she yelled as she passed by on her way down.

YAY! I thought to myself...Kris to the rescue! So we chugged up another repeat. We got to the top, I felt good, dammit. Yes, it was tough. But I only used my smallest gear on the very last portion of the hill and stayed seated the whole time..didn't stand once. That meant I could still go.

Checked my voicemail to make sure all was well with the kiddos, as a mere formality asked Kris is she was ready for another because I knew she would go if I went, she sighed, resolved and said yes and went haulin ass down the hill again. YAY!

I got to the bottom and dropped my chain..again. Dang it! And watched Kris pedal away from me up the hill. Well, it was a sight I'm used to seeing...her way ahead of just trying to keep her in my sights.

Made it to the top...seated still..and only using my easiest gear for the very last part. YES!

Check list. Puking? not quite...but my tummy did feel a little queasy. Bike broke? no. Enough light? Unfortunately, no. So we called it on account of darkness. But Kris and I both agreed later after downing a well deserved (we felt) beer, that we could've eeked out another.

Daylight savings starts tomorrow, right?? :)

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