Monday, March 24, 2008

No More Pretty Piggies

As a delayed celebration for my marathon finish, a couple weeks ago I treated myself to a pedicure. Note that I had not had a proper pampering of the piggies since marathon season started as my feet were showing all the signs of marathon training. (read: toenails falling off, calluses, blisters, etc.) I figured what was the point anyway, they were just going to get trashed until I finished this thing anyway, so I let them go. (Except for painting the first two toes red as they showed through my peek-a-boo they had to at least APPEAR decent.)

It was an interesting event. I feel for the poor gal as she pulled my feet from the pedi-sauna and just reviewed the mess of my feet. I was a little embarrassed, but kept thinking how cool my finisher's medal looked hanging in my office.

After much work on her behalf, my spring-sandal-wearing-ready feet emerged with spanking new pink (of course) polish. YAY!!!

However, after today's run, I'm remembering why I needed all those calluses after all. Ouch! Dammit!

It's been sometime since I did a 7-mile run with a decent speed effort. The focus lately has been on the bike. And while I thought I was moving along at a pretty decent clip, I checked my stats afterwards and it turns out I was only running my Half-Marathon pace! (7:44/M) WTF? And I have to say, I'm feeling it in the hip flexors already!

I feel like I've lost some speed over the last month since the marathon ended. Rats. Well now that the schedule has called for more running, I guess I'll have the opportunity to pick that up a bit. Tomorrow's quality run calls for 400s @ 5K pace. That's supposed to be 7:03/M. Ugh. No better time than the present to work on some speed, right?

I'll let you know how it turns out. Wish me luck.

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