Friday, March 28, 2008

Mesa Hill Repeats - Round II

Instructions were simple enough: Do one more than last time. GO!

But why oh why do the first two feel like complete HELL!!

I am definitely getting old because it takes me awhile to warm up. Sheesh.

1-2: Felt like crap
3-4: Working up a good sweat
5: Break even with last time
6: Championship set WOOT!

I felt like I could've banged out another. I was still able to ride the whole thing without getting out of my saddle and using my tee-tiniest gear for just the very last part of the last hill. However, had I done another, I would really have been done for in the legs. Again, I chose to live to fight another day.

I'm just waiting for the next set of instructions that will be..ok..same number as last time, but knock 5 minutes off your time....or something ridunkulous like that.

The other exciting piece to that workout is that I managed to do one trip DOWN Mesa WITHOUT using my breaks!!! YAY! No, I was not in my aero bars or looking anything remotely aero-ish...I was clutching the top bar between my knees, trying to keep loose, but hands very, very, very close to the breaks. YIKES! scary.

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