Wednesday, March 26, 2008


No...not that kind!

After yesterday's GRUELING quality run workout, today called for some LSD - Long Slow Distance...10 miles..with water stops! YAY!
Unfortunately, looking at the calendar for the day, the only time to get this bad boy done was to do it in the morning after the kids were in school. So, after a power breakfast (360 calories! Rock on!!), I set out on a 10-mile run in the neighborhood. Did I mention where I live? Let's just say it's not called the Hill Country for no reason. *sigh*

I chose the flatest route I could find near my house which consisted of a 4-mile loop (which I did twice) followed by a 2-mile loop. Elevation looked like this:
That's about as flat as it is going to get because the other loop looks like this: see that correctly. Elevation going from 1000ish to 0.

I chose the first route. Call me a wimp if you like. I'd like to live to see tomorrow thank you very much. The other nice thing about that route is I get to pass my both my kids' schools, twice! I even got to see the Devonator playing outside! :) BONUS!

I took complete advantage of the "slow" instruction and muscled out a 9:00/M pace with two water stops as I passed my house. Watch out now. I know. However, according to McMillan, my long run pace should be between 8:42 to I feel like it was a fair pace, no? (someone throw me a bone here people, please!)

And to top off the day, after the kids had their swimming lessons, they really, really wanted to hang out in the kids place for "just a little bit....puhlease?!?!?!?!?!?"..... I acquiesced, sent them off to play with their friends and had a nice recovery swim of 2000yds.

I took the opportunity to work on some of the tips I picked up from Maurice at T3 including focusing on TPR (Touch, Pull, Roll), front-quadrant swimming, and (GASP!) how to use my legs while swimming! Now there's an interesting concept! You know what? If you flutter even just a little bitty bit, you can pick up some extra speed without doing squat with your upper body....who knew?

I tried the last 200 with the flutter and I could really tell the difference in my speed. Hmmmm....I'm going to have to work on that and see if I can't get that into my standard stroke.

Tomorrow?? MESA! WOOT!!

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Lulu said...

I am officially no longer racing against you again.