Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gym QuickBricks

Yesterday we tried out a new workout which was the following:

- Run 1 mile warmup
- 5 sets of leg presses with the most weight you can lift for 10 reps
- Run on dreadmil, 1/4M warmup, 3/4M at 30 secs slower than 10K pace
- 3 sets hammie curls, 10 reps most weight, 3 sets leg extensions, 10 reps most weight
- Run on dreadmill, 1/4M warmup, 3/4M at 10K pace

So that was the plan. We decided to run our warmup from the Annex so we could enjoy the glorious weather and not have to deal with parking at the downtown Gold's. That turned out to be a very nice adjustment.

We got to the gym and I realized I actually haven't lifted legs in a bizillion years (for fear of tearing into the female version of the hulk on my bottom's legs used to be so huge, I couldn't wear lie. I fear getting that bulky again, so I've shied away from leg weights), but in effort to increase my power and speed on the bike, I've agreed to lift legs. HOWEVER, the minute I have to size up my jeans because of my ass or legs, I'm stopping. Let it be written, let it be done.

On the leg presses, since I had no idea what weight to lift, I started with a plate on each side. Finished the 10 no problem. The next set I added 25s. No sweat. Next set, swapped the 25s for 35s. Next set, swapped the 35s for 45s. And finally for the last set, I had 2 45s and a 10 on each side. Finished the 10 reps. Clearly, I need to do some testing in the gym for max weight.

On to the first run. So, I've decided to take my best race from this winter and plug that into McMillan for my training paces. That would be 3M. (Yes, I know it's a fast course..but why not?). So that puts my 10k pace at 7:18. (yikes!)

Banged out the first run at the required 7:48. Cool. On to extensions and presses. Did those at 50lbs. (I think...) Felt pretty good.

On to the next run, kicked it to 7:18. Ugh. Legs were feeling tired and I was definitely wondering how in the hell I was supposed to do that pace for 6.2 miles. Yea..right. Oh well, only one way to get faster, right?? One good thing about the dreadmill, no cheating on the pace!

Afterwards, we all still felt pretty good so we decided to throw in an upper body workout as well. Couldn't hurt, right?

Bench, flys, military, lat pull, rows, more flys, curls, pushdowns and probably a couple more I can't remember. Felt good throwing some iron around. We finished off with some core work and a cool down back to the annex.

All in all, a GREAT workout! Thanks Erin and Kris...y'all ROCK! WOOT!


Kris said...

Thanks, Dionn, that was fun!!

Erin said...

I'm sooooooore. Damn.