Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gangly Adolescent Giraffe Sighting!!

I've been a dancer for as long as I can remember. I generally like to consider myself somewhat graceful and coordinated, even under odd circumstances (ala RDR 07).

Today, however, I proved all of that viciously and vehemently FALSE.

The run workout was simple...2 miles of straights and curves, but sprinting the curves.

I was bummed when our group workout on Tuesday was called on account of the crazy weather. (Although the weather turned out to be just fine....but the company and bevies at McCormick and Schmidts were even better! Here's to SITC Austin-style!) I knew I would have really pushed if there were some quick little bunnies out there on the track in front of me (Kris, Glenda!)

Regardless, I bucked up and set out to the track today to get it done on my own. I forgot my watch, so I had no idea what my pace was like and/or how it was dropping off on each subsequent straight. But I do know this...

I felt like some lame ass Yugo, that at speeds above normal, things start to shimmy and shake, the integrity of the machine goes all to hell, and at any moment the axel is going to simply separate from the rest of the vehicle and wheels will go shooting off in every direction.

Seriously, I've been likened to a gangly giraffe before -- all long limbs, crazy ass big stride, etc. Well, I certainly lived up to that today. My lord, I must've looked ridunkulous.

Especially in the later sets, whenever I started sprinting as hard as I could, my form went to hell in a handbasket. I'm sure the onlookers were being well entertained. I mean seriously. I could feel how bad I must've looked.

I really tried focusing on keeping tight, steady, even....arms close to the body, not crossing in front, fore front running on the balls of my feet -- but to no avail...everything just kept breaking down towards the end of the sprint.

I was totally that gangly adolescent giraffe who first starts running and feeling out their legs and then there body kinda gets ahead of them and then its really just this controlled falling until eventually the poor thing ends up face down, legs entangled behind in some awkward heap.

I'm kinda glad now that no one in my group was there to witness the debacle. The Gazelles were there, but I don't know any of them thank goodness. Although, I feel really bad that I was wearing a Rogue shirt. They must've been like...thank goodness we train with Gilbert and not Rogue...I mean look at what they are turning out!!

Sorry Rogue. Sorry Panther. Sorry Camp Punishment. sigh.

On a recap note, here are my totals from last week -- which I thought was pretty decent given that I had the kids home all week for spring break...

Swim: 2500yds
Bike: 108 miles
Run: 13.5miles
Gym: 1 time


Erin said...

D - I no longer feel guilty for bailing on you. :) And I feel even happier for our Rescue Mission on Tuesday.

Alas, you were watched by Gazelles... I did my workout in front of middle school boys playing kickball. ;) (I wanted to puke, too!)

Scot said...

Eventhough there may have been some snickering, sorts and giggles coming from the Gazelles yesterday, I'm confident in saying that they too will be part of the biomass known as D's Dust come raceday !!