Friday, March 14, 2008

Decisions, decisions

So Jack has been thinking about ways to trick out my bike if I keep the existing frame (which I really do love actually -- and several people have mentioned might be the way to go...JJ, Panther, Jack specifically).
Here's some of the upgrades Jack's got in mind:

HED Jet 50's
Ultegra Cranks
Profile Cobra Wing Base Bar
Profile Razor Post Carbon (aaahhhhh...thank you)
DA 10 BE Shifters
Profile T2 Cobra Aerobars
Ultegra Cassette, Front and Rear Derailer
Profile QS Carbon brake levers
Ultegra 10 Bottom Bracket
Ultegra Chain

He'd also like to pimp my bars with some fancy color that would pick up the highlights on my frame and the new race wheels...but I don't know...I may have to stick with black...
What say you?


Mark said...

Heehee, "Tri like everyone's watching!" :)

Take the technical advice from them, but no fashion advice from pasty-white guys! I do, however, like the accent colors in the cockpit idea though. (but I'm thinking you need a matching yellow race top! so what do I know).

Just be comfortable (and powerful) in the cockpit and saddle fit.

Scot said...

As I look into my lil' crystal ball...I see BIKE SPEED in your immediate future, D. !!