Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Circuit Breaker

Wow. It was an interesting workout this evening....fun and hard! (Just like mommy likes it!)

Here's the basic circuit:

400M @ 5k Pace
50 Lunges (25 each side)
50 Step Ups
25 Squats

Repeat 4-6 Times...ready go!

So for starters, I figured my 5K pace was 7:04 which translates to roughly at 1:45 400M pace, right? But of course, there was Krissy so I had to try and keep up with her! ;) (I love it when she's there to kick my ass.)

And then when you think about step ups, I think about a nice little bench like the ones in aerobic class, or a log or something of similar height. But this is Camp Punishment....our step ups where on one of those platform-thingies at Austin High...you know the ones that are 2 feet tall? Yep, those ones. As Erin would say, Oye.

So here's my splits on the circuits:

#1: 400m - 1:35 (gonna pay for that later)
Lunges/Step ups/Squats/Recover - 7:06

#2: 400m - 1:32 (damn that Krissy)
Lunges/Step ups/Squats/Recover - 7:16

#3: 400m - 1:32 (well, there's something to be said for being consistent, right?)
Lunges/Step ups/Squats/Recover - 7:53 (really sucking wind on the step ups...holy shit)

#4: 400m - 1:33 (still hanging in there)
Lunges/Step ups/Squats/Recover - 8:07

Panther says we can stop at four. But to me, four was the ante. If you want to play with the big kids, you gotta raise.

#5: 400m - 1:33 (YES!)
Lunges/Step ups/Squats/Recover - 8:04

Panther says, ok..you're done. I'm thinking, no I'm not. I'm still holding pace, let's do another. Of course, I'd already been lapped by Triscuit and Glenda and they did 6, so what do you think I did? Panther says, fine...but no weights on the back end. Ok..alright. Let's just shut up and run.

#6: 400m - 1:36 (really, really working hard on this one)

Ok....we call it a day. I'm calling it 5.5 sets. Next time the goal is 6-8! Yikes! I think I could've sucked up and done the last half of the circuit, but everyone was done and heading in. I will live to fight another day. I still had the 1.5 mile cool down back to J&As, plus I'm staring down the barrell of a 10-miler tomorrow morning. Yep..best to call in the dogs and pee on the fire I think.

Whew! My legs are screaming already. But I LOVE IT! WOOT!

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