Monday, March 10, 2008

Bike me

Bike, bike and more bike

That was the theme from this weekend. Knocked out a very nice 50-miler on Saturday with Tim S., Kris, Erin, Glenda and Scott D. We somehow managed to keep a moderate pace all the way to the turnaround..which is a monumental feat in and of itself. We picked up the pace on the way back, but nothing too crazy. It was a nice ride. Finished it off with a small 1-mile run just to remind ourselves how painful running off the bike really is. Duly noted. Thank you.

I managed to keep up with Glenda on the run...only because she was running at a really, really easy pace for her...but whatever, I'll take it!

But following that and a fantastic lunch at Maudie's with Kris, Tim and Carri (not Kerry - she was in Ireland), I had a nice trip over to J&A's where Jack has begun to work his magic on the next incarnation of my two-wheeler. It was great watching him look at my bike, make some notes, watch me pedal, make some notes, whip out his tape measure, take some measurements, make some notes. It was like watching an artist at work!

One option is a brand new bike. My particular geometry (read: my body is hella whacked out...long limbs, really, really short torso, I've been likened to a baby giraffe.. uber sexy I know...try to control yourselves) makes it challenging to fit on standard-sized frames, so we have some obstacles to overcome from the get go. However, Jack had a carbon Guru (closeout from last year) in stock in about my size that he offered to let me test ride. Well..uh..yes! So, he made some adjustments to fit me, threw on a carbon seat post (yes, I have NOT been riding around on a carbon seat post on my old bike...SORRY! I didn't know!), set some aggressive aero's and let me have it to ride around.

Sunday's ride provided a great opportunity to take it for a spin on the veloway and autobahn. First thing I noticed was the disappearance of a lot of the usual jarring I feel. Man, carbon is nice. It's one of those things that you didn't notice until it was gone, you know?

The second thing I noticed was the components. Talk about a smooth shift. butter. My 105's have got to go people. Got. To. Go.

Anyway, I definitely like the feel of the ride, but I'm not so jazzed about the look. I really like how my Cronalu looks...and hell, if I can't be the fastest, I'd at least better look good, right? So, I'm stopping by the shop tomorrow to chat some more with Jack and see what else he's got on his list.

Oh...followed the 30 mile veloway/autobahn ride with a 3-mile run. First half mile SUCKED! But definitely got better after that. Glenda and I kept somewhere between an 8:00 - 8:10 pace. Good for me...slow for her. She's so nice to run with me. THANKS GLENDA!!

So, last week's totals:
Swim: 4000 yds
Bike: 109 miles
Run: 16 miles
Weights: 1 time

ADDENDUM: Wiley pointed out that J&A's will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday), so I guess it'll be wednesday before I get to do more bike shopping. dang.

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