Thursday, February 7, 2008

Very Fishy...

So, with the marathon LOOMING over me like a..hell..I don't know what...and fearing taper madness, I hit the pool yesterday with fervor.

I don't know why, I just felt like swimming hard. I didn't have as much time as usual because I horsed around in the water with the kids after their swimming lesson...although they've had almost non-stop mommy time since Shay's been out of school all week.

Regardless, I figured if you can't go long, go hard! (yea, yea...that's what she said. I know.)

The minute I slid into the water, I started thinking about triathlon season and how it was right around the corner. I mean, May 10th is the Rookie, May 25 is CapTex. (And if you really wanted to get crazy sooner, Lonestar HalfIron is MARCH 30th!) That is not that far away people.

So I started thinking about the Rookie and my performance there the past couple of years. Up until last year, I had used that race as a tune first brick of the season..didn't really race it hard. Just tried to get back into the swing of things, transitions, etc. Last year, I actually tried to race it and I distinctly remember trying to swim fast and hard. It's only like a 300M swim, right? Got to leave it all out in the water on those bad boys.

So as I swam, I started trying to descend my 500yd sets. One of the things I learned from the Marshes (that's Amy and Brandon, not the running route) was how to make small changes to increase your speed. It's not like you have to go all out, harder and harder each time, but rather just add a few things. For instance, on the first descent, you can push a little harder on the back half of the you are doing a tricep push with a dumbbell. Add on to the next, a little harder pull on the front half of the stroke, right after the catch...really use your lats. So now you are pulling harder on the catch, pushing harder on the back. On the next, increase the turnover of all that. And finally, add some turbo power by actually kicking. (I never kick when I swim...the legs just hang out there..I don't know why...that's just the way I do it...)

As I was swimming, I thought about the Texas Ski Ranch course. About swimming in the hot lake, getting hung up in the weeds around the corners, following the cable...all that good stuff. I love that course. I can't wait to be back on it.

Ended up doing the 4th 500yd set in 8:02! That's my best split to date! Man, if I could learn to flip turn I could shave some more time off of that. But then again, there is no flip-turning in triathlon, so what's the point. Unless of course Kerry challenges me to a swim off in the pool... ;)

Went back and looked at my Rookie performances of the past several's how the went down:

2004: (First year triathlon training)
Swim pace: 02:20.0
Bike pace: 14.0 (bike on hybrid!)
Run pace: 08:41.0
Total Time: 1:11:36
Class Place: 14

2005: (3 months after Devon was born)
Swim pace: 02:30.0
Bike pace: 16.6
Total time: 1:08:38
Class Place: 17

2006: (tune racing)
Swim pace: 02:27.6
Bike pace: 15.9 (WTF? what was I doing...having a picnic?)
Run pace: 09:00.0
Total time: 1:09:04
Class Place: 13

2007: (racing!)
Swim pace: 01:48.0
Bike pace: 18.5
Run pace: 08:12.0
Total Time: 1:00:48
Class Place: 3 (My FIRST Podium! YEA!)

I think this year I can break the 1:00 mark (sans mechanical issues of course). Last year's winner in my age group (Milissa Day) did it in 58:43. I've definitely shaved off time on the run, so I should be able to pick up at least 1 minute, maybe 2, on the run (it's only a 2 mile run). I was first out of the water last year (Laurie Allen of Texas Iron was next, 36 seconds later), but Milissa SPANKED me on the bike, putting 4 minutes on me! YIKES! My run was decent, but I know it can be a lot better this year.

But first, there's this whole 26.2 thing I need to take care of.....


Mark said...

Heehee, it looks like you need to fill your spare time during taper not with multisport cross training but with clearing a wall in your home and putting in a trophy cabinet in anticipation of this coming summer's haul! :)

I train w/ Laurie 3 or 4 times a week, I'll pass along the thrown down gauntlet ... (curiously, I've never come across your Ms. Lords)

MikeW said...

ok, I'm hung over as all kapmandu, so myvheart isn't quite soft....
WTF.... some of those times are pathetic?!
I better see a 1:56 this year.

Also, stop worrying about the big M, you're going to be just fine. Its just an easy long run! Seriously, there's no big time goal, just a pace group to pull you along.

Afterall, this is your off season training. Your race is in October in NV. Don't forget that!