Monday, February 25, 2008

Trail Virgin - No More!

This weekend I got to run my first trail run! (I know...I've lived in Austin for a bizillion years and have never officially run trails...since we all know that the H&B doesn't really count...)

It was AWESOME! I set out with Wiley, Triscuit, Nedra, Panther and I. And as you know, those guys all move at a pretty quick clip so my goals were these:
1. Don't fall down
2. Don't be so slow that they have to stop and wait for me
3. Enjoy myself

So...I managed two out of three. Care to guess which??

I have NO idea where the hell we were but recognized this from Kerry's blogs!
And naturally, I had to snap a picture of the ladies as evidence that I'd actually made it out there: (note Panther's finger in the top of the frame...can't take that guy anywhere, sheesh) And here's one of the boys, so they didn't feel left out:

I love how the picture of the girls, we're all close together...and how the boys have this uncomfortable "man" space in between them.! :)

So for my goals, I did NOT fall down. (Although Panther did and drew blood. Typical.) I attribute it to my springy-boundy-bouncy running style, while inefficient on the street, proved quite useful at rock hopping and missing roots! Hmmmm...maybe I've missed my calling...Rogue has a Trail Series training don't they??

They did, however, have to stop and wait for me a couple times towards the end. But seriously, I can't keep up with these guys on flat streets, how the hell would I be able to do it on the trail?

And finally, and most importantly, I had a BLAST! As I was running, it reminded me of so many afternoons horsing around in the trails behind my house in Oak Hill with sister, my friends, or my german shepards Skip and Webo. I was thinking about the trails that we usually went on...I suppose it would be called the Deer Pond Loop or something...since it was the trail that led to the huge deer pond where the dogs and everyone could go swimming (and chase the deer who were drinking there, naturally.)

It was great watching Karma run with us, dodging in and out of the trees, taking short cuts and playing in the water. He had that great doggy look on her face, tongue hanging out to the side, eyes bright, tail doing that circle wag thing when he ran.

It was humorous having to say and hear "Karma back!" because on the skinny parts he'd come up behind could feel him tapping your heels and he would try to shinny past you...I wish my Mastiffs could run like that...

Funny...back then we called it playing, now I call it running trails. Go figure.


Shorey said...

Karma is a BOY (don't let Mike know you think he's a girl). I did the trails a lot in college, and I agree that it's really nice out there - in the summer it can get pretty crowded near the watering holes.

Dionn said...

Oops! I always do that. Sorry Karma!

MikeW said...

dangit... i read the SHE thing, but was on my phone, so couldn't refer to:

Karma will forgive you, if you bring him a treat next time!

Lulu said...

Glad you had fun - cant wait to burst your HOL cherry!