Wednesday, February 13, 2008


...days until the marathon.

Everyone has been so great in helping my contain my freak-out craziness. (I think I'm suffering from withdrawals from queso actually....).

I'm trying to hydrate and stay that way. It reminds me of being pregnant. Walking around with a water bottle all day long. Stopping at a bizillion bathrooms throughout the day.

Have you reached maximum hydration when your pee is as clear as the water when it went in the body? And that everytime you drink a bottle of water, 5 minutes later you pee the same amount out?? If so, I'm just about there I think.

As far as nutrition goes, I'm trying to not be bad. But frankly, if I started eating a bunch of healthy stuff, my body would revolt and who knows when I'd ever leave the bathroom. (I am totally not kidding. You don't even want to know what happens if I eat a salad.... And you'd NEVER guess what I'd eat everyday for lunch when left to my own devices....)

Seriously, I'm scared to death if someone like Meredith made me keep a food journal...I would send her into anaphalytic shock I'm sure.

I think the hardest part right now is knowing that there isn't SHIT I can do from a fitness perspective to change anything that will occur this weekend. It's like spending months building this awesome machine and then submitting it for testing...but it has to sit in the queue for two weeks before you are allowed to show it.

You'd like to have it back and spend two more weeks working on it, tweaking it, fine tuning, adding new features, making it better, faster, stronger. But you can't. It's behind a locked door and you can't get to it until Sunday when they call your name, tell you to hop in and show them what you got.


Me no likey da taper.

Shit...look at the time...gotta go grab some more water and go to bed. Sigh. Is it Sunday yet?


Suellen said...

No one likes the taper. Glenda and I call that feeling you are describing "taper madness." and it is maddening!!

But while we are on the subject of the marathon, I want you to know that the image burned in my mind of 3M...the real moment of the day...was when all you guys were cheering me on to the finish. Sadly, I can't be physically there on Sunday...but while you are visualizing that day, I want you to visualize a virtual Suellen screaming her heart out for you!

Erin said...

I love the way you write, D! I've ever met anyone else who can use her engineering analogies to make marathon tapering sound so funny.