Friday, February 15, 2008


ok...enough of the wussying around. It is time to get prepared to do some serious business this weekend.

I am through my moments of weakness and have transcended into my power position. Thank you to everyone for all your positive notes, talks, calls, emails and vibes! Kris, Erin, Mike, Kerry, JJ and of course, Panther -- a special thanks for giving me gentle support when I needed hugs, believing in me even when I didn't, and tough love when I needed to be kicked in the ass. Y'ALL ROCK!

Here are my Goals:

MAIN: Finish under 3:45:59.59
This is the main goal. This would be completing the marathon on pace according to my time trial at the beginning of the training season. It just so happens to coincide with the Boston Qualifying time for my age group. Hell ya!

BACK UP: Finish under 4:00:00
I have much respect for this course and this distance. If I get a cramp, stitch, bathroom emergency or whatever...I still want to be able to pull myself together, recover and get back in the game.

I know it seems odd to many of you, but yes, this will be my FIRST marathon...EVER. I have never in my entire life run 26.2 miles. NEVER. 18? Yes. 20? Yes. 22? Yes. But that's it. So above all else, I'd like to cross the finish line under my own power.

There they are. In writing. For public viewing, consumption and chastising. Hold my feet to the fire, people.

Y'all are right. I AM ready. I've done the training. I've banked the miles. I've done the work. I've battled injuries. I've rested when my body said, rest. I went hard when my body said, GO! I've practiced my race nutrition. I've figured out my bathroom issues. I'm tapering. I've got my tunes selected. I've got my race plan. I've got my pace band.

Let's do this thing.


Driver said...

And don't forget you've got your training buddies/pacers that are ready to kick some ass. We're going to rock on Sunday, I can feel it. Can't wait!!!

Mark said...

Have a great race, Dionn! I know you will, you know you will, give the distance the respect it deserves, but kick its butt!

Shorey said...

Never had I had a doubt! You are as ready as you can be. Now run that damn thing, girl!!