Friday, February 22, 2008

Obama! Erin and I are on our way to hit the trail for a little run, and look who we run into. As noted in Erin's blog, we turned into total school girls and were giggling and gawking as he came strolling through.

All Hail the iPhone as I snapped a couple quick pictures...somehow I wasn't sure if I was allowed to and envisioned some of his security guys jumping me and stealing my phone. (Although they looked dashing in their non-descript suits, shades and ear buds. I bet they were packing heat too. OOOOoooooo.)

Unexpectedly while still talking on his phone, he looked over, gave us the "what's up ladies?" up-nod, departed the trail, walked up the sidewalk to where we were standing, shook both our hands and then strolled back down and away.

It very much left me a twitter! I literally stood rooted to the spot for several minutes. Strangers even came up to us and asked him if we met him and if we got his picture. I happily obliged and showed them on my phone. One woman even asked me to email it to her..which I did.

Erin and I were giggly for the duration of our run, reviewing and discussing our encounter. Yes, it was really that cool. Call me silly, but, yes it was.

And yea, he looks even better in person. I'm not saying, but watching the State of Union addresses could be really, really nice.

Addendum: Ok..need to add some of my favorite responses from the email that I sent out because they are such a perfect representation of each person who sent them. I love it.

Kris: God damn it! And I was going to try to leave early and go for a run around the lake... (I cracked up because I could totally picture her actually saying out loud "God damn it!")

Wiley: Response #1 -- could you not get a closer picture?

Wiley: Response #2 -- that's all he said?! "hello". he didn't say: "hello, my name is Damon Wayans, I'm filing a movie, you ladies wanna come see my trailer??"

Ostrich: Damn, I totally missed my chance to accidentally crash my bike into a presidential candidate. F*ck you, impossible bucket list

And Lulu: I had PBR on draft. Way more exciting. Just sayin'


Kris said...

Damn, girl, you got the "what's up" from the hot might-be-the-next-leader-of-the-free-world. You simply cannot top that.

Erin said...

The best was when the guards asked you if you'd vote for him!? Priceless!