Monday, February 4, 2008

MONSTER (monster) TRUCKS (trucks) !!

As a reward for awesome behavior in school this past month, I took the boys to the monster truck show at the exposition center. After a massive parking cluster, we met up with the Montgomery's and settled in for an evening of big engines, big noises and well...big self-proclaimed rednecks! (Note of interest, we were NOT the only black family there...we counted at least two others!)

Here's Shay and his buddy Cameron before the show:
Of course at the first big rev of an engine, all the boys covered their ears. MAN was it LOUD! WOW! Fortunately, we'd brought along some ear plugs. The big boys agreed to wear them, but Devon was having none of it and just wanted to me to hold his ears!

But he soon perked up when he saw all the cool monster trucks!

After some head to head racing and the pulling contest, the boys indulged in some snacks..

And then was the best part of the show...the Wheelie contest! WOOT!

The blue truck, "Monkey Business" was the boys favorite! He also won the wheelie contest!

Good times!

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Lulu said...

I can't believe we missed the free wheeling!!!!!