Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Marathon Mental Madness

You know how you hear all the stories about folks running marathons and literally losing their minds somewhere between miles 20 and the finish? How it is next to impossible to do even simple math and that's another reason why we have those pace bands??

Well, I'm here to report that I had my own personal experience with said madness....TWO INSTANCES!!

One, which I already reported on and had actually figured out on my own, the crazy issue of freaking out looking at the Finish clock and thinking that was my time, but then realizing afterwards that that was GUN time and not my CHIP time. DUH.

The second one, was just explained to me last night. (Seriously...I still hadn't even figured it out!)

Here's the snippet from my race report:
"Around mile 25, I looked at my watch for the FIRST time.... 3:34. SHIT. I have 9 minutes to go 1.6 miles? I can't do that. Is that right? Was that the 25 mile marker? Shit. I'd better giddyap. But the pacers are behind my watch right, was that sign right?"

Ok...does anyone see the problem here???

That Glenda, she's a smart one....even after 3 margarita's. She finally clued me in.

The sign was right. It was mile 25. My watch was right. It said 3:34... I had 9 minutes to finish under my time goal of 3:45.

But here's where my math fell apart. I was at mile 25 of the marathon. Marathon distance is 26.2 ........ not 26.6! WTF? I thought I had 9 minutes to go over a mile and a half...even running an 8-minute mile would put me at 12 minutes until the finish and I knew I couldn't make that happen. But 1.2 miles in 9 minutes? That would put me perfectly on pace to hit 3:45. DUH!

I have no idea why I thought 26.6. Total brain fart. Sheesh.

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