Monday, February 25, 2008

Live From Austin!

Following onto Thursday's OS (Obama spotting), Erin and I scored VIP tickets to his rally Friday night!

I have never been to a political rally before and I have to say, it was WAY COOL! Of course, to me, any type of rally is going to bring out the cheerleader in me, so I had a great time in my element! Here's E and I at the rally. Wiley said he saw us on the new coverage as it was hard to miss E's blonde hair and red coat and me in my purple skirt. (What does one wear to a political rally anyway? Krissy - we saw this one volunteer chick who had on a KILLER pair of leopard print FMH's. You would've liked them!)

He really is a dynamic speaker and quite funny too! There was a great line when he was discussing some of the issues his opponents were bring up against him, one of which was that he wasn't tough enough. He responds to the crowd, "Not tough enough? Not tough enough? Hello? I am a black man named Obama!! Please!" Another one I thought was humorous was the dig on him that he wouldn't be able to handle the underhandedness when he goes up against the Republicans. He followed that by launching into the "Hoodwinked and Bamboozled" speech from Malcom X. I thought it was hysterical...others might not agree.

E and I hung out for a bit and watched Obama work the VIP section and shake hands after his speech. We both agreed that it was way cooler to have shook his hand by happenstance rather than at a rally.

However, that did not deter us from getting a picture with one of Obama's big supporters, George Lopez! Random celebrity sighting! How can you pass that up? And I'm sure JJ has some comment about the challenges of lighting and exposure between the three of us. But I'm working with an iPhone here..cut me some slack!

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Kris said...

I need me some animal print FMH's. You should have knocked the volunteer chick down and stolen her shoes for me! ;)