Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I thought this was was an email conversation Erin and I had after Kerry had gone MIA on us....

E: Where is Kerry????

D: Got an email from her about an hour ago, said it wasn't look good (for us to get together)

E: Shit! I hope not. She is not answering her calls either.

D: maybe she's on the trail in a zen place....

E: maybe she's with a snail in a open space...

D: or with a spy with a secret case.....

E: i hope she's not gone without a trace!

D: for we would surely miss her smiling face!

E: i bet she's wearing stilettos and lace!

D: and has a cool secret weapon and a can of mace..

E: could be in reno by now at this pace?

..and finally Kerry surfaced and responded with

K: OMG. I love you guys!!! If I was at the store I'd buy you both a case!!!

Yea..we're dorks...but I love those gals...

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