Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bike Envy didn't take long for me to remember how speedy on their bikes some of my friends are....sigh.

I spent 20 miles on Saturday chasing after Kris around the veloway and autobahn. Then on Tuesday, 12 miles on the veloway chasing after Erin (after which I had to escape to the autobahn to recover for another 8...into the wind from hell!).

I'm thinking I'm going to need some technical assistance to keep up with these people. And I haven't even ridden with Glenda yet this year (and her new racing wheels! Can you say...speedy?). I'm jonesing for a new bike...

Ring, ring...Hello, Jack? It's Primetime. We need to talk.


MikeW said...

I don't think Phones go ring ring no mo.

Kris said...

You realize, of course, that if YOU get racing wheels, then I'M going to have to get racing wheels.

Damn you, D! ;)

Mark said...

You only need bike envy of those in your AG!

You only need bike envy for races, not training! If you are chasing and working harder in training, you're getting a better workout than laying down a wad on technology that'll make training easier ... :)

For important races, seem to be highly/often recommended as an alternative to buying/owning. Like if you are going to chase a Slot at Longhorn 70.3 ;-)

Of course, having a stable of wheels would be nice too ... *sigh*