Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm baaaaaaack!

YEA! I am SO excited! WOOT! (cheerleader jump)

Today was our Georgetown 20-miler. And as many of you know, I've been somewhat sidelined with a knee injury...well, not an injury per se, but pain in the knee...more like a pain in my ass actually.

Regardless, I've had to take it easy for the last couple of weeks, which wasn't too bad since it coincided with the holidays and truth be told, I probably wouldn't have been as diligent about getting in my mileage during that time anyway, so it all kinda worked out.

And I would be remiss if I did not thank all those who helped, gave PT suggestions, encouraged me to take it easy, and/or gave me good drugs: Dr. Jack, Panther, JJ, Wiley, K-mo, E. You guys rock! Thanks for supporting Team D! :)

ANYWAY, today was the first real test of the knee doing the distance I should be doing according to my training plan for the marathon. 20 miles with around 18 at MGP. That's what the plan said, so that's what I was going to do.

After performing my usual morning rituals (which have for the most part eliminated my bathroom issues thank goodness! -- knock on wood, of course), I set out for the great pacific northwest....well, Georgetown actually.

It was a BEAUTIFUL morning! Not cold at all with a little humidity. Ahhhhh, yes. (I am a tropical people after all...)

Found my faithful pace boys, Nick and Michael, located our pacer and started picking them up and putting them down.

We thought we were going to warm up a couple miles and then ease into our MGP, but we quickly realized that our pacer was serious and he was going MGP from the get go. We swiftly conferred and decided to bow up and hit it! We figured we'd keep up the pace for as long as we could and if we had to ease it back at the end, then so be it.

It was a good group of about 8 or 10. I looked around at the bodies and thought, yea, I want my legs to look good like these people, I've got to keep up. We paused at all the water stops just long enough to grab a quick drink and then we moved on. The knee warmed up after about 3-4 miles and didn't really talk to me much after that, so I was thankful.

The miles just clicked by. One turned into five. Five into Ten. Saw JJ and Triscuit on the dam before the turnaround. They looked strong and fast. Damn.

After we turned, it was great to see others out there working hard, Gina, Banana, Kelly -- everybody working their paces. I loved it! This is why out and backs are fun, if you ask me...

Ten turned to Twelve. I thought to myself. Holy shit, I think I might be able to make it!

I was feeling a blister on my right foot, but kept thinking, thank god it's not my knee, I'll take it!

Twelve turned to Fourteen. Checked the internal gas gauge. Ok, if this were an olympic tri, I would have finished my swim and just have gotten off my bike. Am I more, less or equally tired as that right now? Less or equal, I'm good. More? That would suck. I checked...LESS! SWEET! Kept going on pace.

Fourteen turned to Seventeen. Ok, if this were a sprint tri, I'm just now getting off the bike. Where's the gas gauge at now? Imagine Ms. Lord pulling in right behind me in transition. Is she going to catch me? Nope, not today my friend, not to-day. Kept going on pace.

Eighteen. Nothing but a two-mile time trial to go, right? Right. Kept on pace.

Nineteen. Our pacer pulls off and tells us to empty the tank. WOOT! The fearsome threesome picks up the pace and brings this bad boy home STRONG!

Total Time: 2:51:33
Pace: 8:34/M

MGP: 8:35
Marathon Goal Time: 3:45


Afterwards, it was great to sit in the sun and pow-wow with Triscuit and Gina as we tailgated between the police station and the church. What an awesome start to the weekend! Thanks, Austin!