Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The marathon is only 18 days away and this was my part of a conversation I had with a friend today.

"We're doing speed work today. You should come, it will be fun!"

"There is nothing more I can do to gain anything for the marathon now, so Tri season has begun! Hooray!"

What is going on in my head??

-- Was it the T3 Boys team sighting on Sunday?
-- Is it the discussion of who, what, when, where and how around my triathlon training that I've been discussing of late?
-- Was it the cleaning of my closet and hanging all my tri tops together?
-- Does the fact that I WILLINGLY did swimming drills ALONE on Monday play into it?

How is it that today I'm looking past the marathon? WTH?

Yet, I can't bring myself to order a Finisher's Jacket for the Rogue Distance challenge. I can't order it, if I haven't finished it. It just seems like bad juju to me....

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Suellen said...

One of my friends here gave me a clue to surviving "race day jitters"...look to the next thing. It works for me. Somehow, if I can think to the next challenge I know I'll do just fine in the challenge that is bearing down. So maybe that's why it is "tri season" now...it let's you look past the marathon.

BTW, I can say with great confidence after Sunday that I "will" have a marathon myself someday.

I wish you great luck and will look forward to your race report!