Thursday, December 13, 2007

IT Betty

Yesterday was a complete wash. Well not a complete wash, I got new carpet put in the master bedroom, two closets, the office and the stairs and had a wonderful dinner with friends.

HOWEVER, because I had new carpet put in the office, that meant I had to disassemble 3 computer systems, a wireless network and more importantly actually clean my damn office. And let me tell you, this was no small task. oy.

Additionally, the entire master bedroom and his and her closets had to have everything that was on the floor removed. (Hello, can you say way too many shoes?? jeez.) So this meant that my bathroom and living room became staging areas.

(yes, those are Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater Murals hanging on the back wall. Shay created a museum exhibit dedicated to the Disney movie, Cars.)
(and yes, that is a red satin and black lace bustierre hanging from that clothes pile. And no, it will not be worn on the red dress run.)

So then the fun came when I got to be IT Betty and put back together the 3 systems, wireless network, 2 printers, 1 scanner and 1 fax. I cannot begin to count the amount of foul language that then ensued...

I went from this:
To this:I am happy to report that internet connectivity has been restored to the house. All systems are up and running. We are GO, Flight! WOO HOO!


Shorey said...

I'm glad you took a picture. The only times I have ever seen your office there are papers EVERYWHERE. Granted, you always seem to have a system, but still, girl! Crazy!

Dionn said...

Yes, there is always a method in my madness.

Yet we mock what we don't understand. ;)