Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I did WHAT?!


Well, it's official! I received my HALFMAX National Championship Qualification invitation last night!!!


That's right. I get to participate in the USAT Age Group Championships in 2008 for the long course (Half Iron) in....wait for it...


Hot damn!

I am so fired up right now. Scared shitless, but fired up nonetheless! It was my 8th place finish at the Longhorn Tri that got me in...although I just missed the qualifying time of 5:45 by four minutes (my time was 5:49)...so I figure even if the field wasn't the toughest, I was still pretty close to qualifying just on my time alone.

Dude...I'm pumped right now... WOO HOO!!!!!

And super congrats to Glenda who also qualified!!! GO IRONMANIACS! Many thanks to all my friends, family, Rogue and of course beloved coach Panther! I could NEVER had done it without y'all!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!

Addendum per Wiley if you are looking for a good excuse to go to Vegas in the fall!:
October 18, 2008
USA Triathlon Halfmax National Championship
Boulder City, NV


Shorey said...

Awesome! I was afraid it was going to be in St. Louis. Vegas is WAY COOLER than STL. Congrats!

Glenda said...

WOOT! Go Ironmaniacs! Way to go girl

MikeW said...

Ummm... Congrats!!! Wooot! (white man WOOOT!)
...but this post is useless without dates, so I can start making air and hotel reservations to be there.

Lulu said...

Congrats Dionn! You are one amazing woman!

Jane said...

I'm cheering for you, Dionn! That's awesome!