Monday, December 3, 2007

Decker Challenge -- CHECK!

Whew! How fortunate were we to have NO wind and WARM temps for the Decker run yesterday!!

I know all the Decker veterans were going on and on about how unusual the weather was and I would just like to say a little thank you to the run weather deities because you know I despise the cold weather...after all, I am a tropical people.

I actually had a good race! It definitely was challenging though! I felt good going in as I have been all over this course on my bike between the 4 Danksins, 1 Couples Tri and part of the Longhorn. I'd even run up that damn hill TWICE at the Longhorn, so I knew what I was in for. Granted, I'd never done the whole thing on foot, but I was cool with that. I just feel at home out at Decker racing.

I managed all my pre-race shinanigans appropriately. Ate and rested relatively well the day before. Managed all my pre-race potty stops so that I didn't have to stop at all on the course. Packed my Gu and my gel blocks (yes, in my hat....) and was ready to roll at the horn.

I started out with Nick and Dave and we settled into a nice pace for the first 4 miles. I knew the back half was going to be tough so I wanted to bank a little time in the beginning, but not so much that I didn't have anything left for the hills at the end. I parted with Nick and Dave somewhere between 4 and 5 (sorry boys...Nick had a tough race..but a REALLY good time on the Pub Run and Dave is running Dallas next week, I think..crazy!) and just kept chugging along.

I stopped for water at pretty much every water stop. With the crazy humidity, I didn't want hydration to be an issue. I started popping gel blocks at mile 6 and wasn't done until mile 8! Yes, it took me that long to get them all down. Damn braces...just wait until Wednesday. WOO HOO! But it was a good way to pass the time across the miles.

Popped my iPod on at mile 8 and brought it on home. Had a little kick at the end and VOILA! Decker Challenge COMPLETED! YEA!!!

And it was AWESOME to see so many friends out running and volunteering. Thanks Erin, Wiley, Lulu, and Missychel!!! You guys ROCK!

Here are the splits according to my watch:
Mile 1-- 8:08
Mile 2-- 8:12
Mile 3-- 7:58
Mile 4-- 7:58 (how's that for consistent!)
Mile 5-- 8:40
Mile 6-- 8:29
Mile 7-- 8:31
Mile 8 and 9-- 16:39 (oops..was busy finishing gel blocks and getting water forgot to hit the button)
Mile 10-- 8:32
Mile 11-- 8:48
Mile 12-- 8:17
Mile 12.4 -- 3:46

Total Time: 1:44:02
Pace: 8:23/mile
AG Finish: 16th Place
Not HMGP, but under MGP so I'm cool with that.

On to the next one...YEA!!!


Lulu said...

You looked great out there Dionn! Well done!

Shorey said...

Good job! I passed Nick & Rabbit at mile 7 - Nick didn't look too good.