Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day at the Museum

On Thursday, we had a day in between family visitors (in-laws left on Wednesday, my sister arriving on Friday), so the boys and I set out on a Mommy and me adventure day.

As usual, it took as awhile to get rolling (we are NOT a morning people), but we eventually made it out the door. The first stop was the Y. The boys had the option of swimming or playing in the daycare center...they chose playing, so I got in a bonus swim workout of 2500 yards! Yea for me! After the Y, we headed on over to the place with the funny name and serious sandwich to fuel up. YUMMY...Schlotzky's!

We needed to run off some of our lunch so we headed to Auditorium Shores to play with some pups and just run around in the open space. (Sometimes it's the simplest things that work out so well, go figure.)

Not wanting to leave "Big Town" as Shay calls downtown, we decided to leave the car at the annex and just walk across to the Dell's Children's Museum since we hadn't been since they've changed the exhibit.

Devon was a trooper and made it ~most~ of the way before I had to give him a piggyback ride. (You know it takes a lot of little steps just to go a couple blocks!)

We got to the museum and had a total blast. From train spotting...

to playing restaurant

to the recycling center, general store, hanging around like bats

and jumping around in the ball pit...excuse me, the drop of blood filled with many red blood cells...and searching for the few white blood cells

A good time was had by all and as usual, I had to literally drag the boys out of the museum, crying because they wanted to stay longer. (Yes, I had to be THAT mom...)

Good times...

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