Sunday, December 16, 2007

Andrew Jackson's Babe

20...that's right...20!!!


I ran my first 20-miler today. Can you believe it?


I can't believe it...except for that dull ache in my knee..that's a good reminder, actually. BUT I'LL TAKE IT!

Today, I sucked it up and ran the Runtex to Runtex (not Runtex to Rogue that was run on Saturday because...well, there was the Phil/Stacey Open House Dreidel game..which I most assuredly lost, Chuy's, Missy's, etc., etc....let's just say that Saturday 4am wake up call was NOT happening...)

And today's run was in serious jeopardy because Triscuit had to finally graduate and Steve and Ruth do keg stands and play with blow torches.

Nonetheless, I rousted myself out of bed..sent Panther at text around 7am saying "ok..I'm up...Let's do this thing."

The weather was a little better than Saturday, apparently, as we had little to no wind and lots of great sun, but it was still quite cold!

It was quite humorous to me to look at the trip ticket and think...ok, I'm just going to run from the Arboretum to Town Lake...and then run around Town Lake to finish it off. What?!

And I didn't even have my trusty sidekicks Nick or Michael (I'm assuming Rabbit is still recovering from Dallas...), because they were good boys and dragged their butts out of bed and ran on Saturday. (Apparently Nick barely made it, waking up 10 minutes before run start, getting dressed in the car, clocking 7-minute miles to the first water stop to catch up with me...only to find out that I didn't show...SORRY NICK!!! I owe that kid a beer.)

So it was just me and the road (Panther was there and a few other folks, but no one running my pace)....fortunately, I downloaded some great Christmas tunes, so I was at least entertained.

Surprisingly though, the miles just kind of clicked by...really the only thing of note was the pain in my knee. (Not IT band's like just under the knee cap...old injury...the Hills to Heaven route aggravated it I's that ARA race looking right now? yikes...)

But I just kept thinking to's 20 miles. A good friend once told me when I was struggling with my speed plateu, "Going fast hurts at first, but then you get through it and it gets easier. So does going long. So, suck it up!" (Yea, yea..that's what she said...yada, yada...) But it really resonated with me to push myself out of my comfort zone and get through to the next level. So I did... I just kept running.

At mile 18 on the trail, I was looking forward to two things:
1. With every step I took, I was running farther than I had ever run before...and that's just plain cool.
2. Panther said at the beginning that when he finished he would double back and run me in, since he wanted to get in 22-24 miles anyway. So I was looking forward to having someone when the going got the toughest.

Except I got to mile 18, No Panther. 18.5, no Panther. 19, no Panther. WTF? Well, hell, guess I gotta bring this bad boy home on my we go. I punched up Black Eyed Peas' Pump It on the iPod and made my way back to the Annex. (He was in the annex, riggin' hard...didn't want to run another step..even if it was to save one of his students! Thanks, El Pantero. j/k)


I ran the whole way! Well, I stopped for water at 4, 8, 12 and 16...but the rest of the time I was running! Interestingly, I almost beat my Heaven to Hills 18-miler time...just missed it by a few minutes!! (Can you say Ladera Norte? ugh.)

I am so looking forward to the easy week! YEA!!! I'll be doing lots of swimming to rest my achy if anyone wants to paddle around with me...give me a shout (except for all you duathletes, because I know you hate swimming, yada, yada....)

20 miles. CHECK!

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Lulu said...

1. You kick ass girl
2. Some Duathletes like to swim
3. You kick ass girl