Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Trail Run

Wow! What a crazy, busy Thanksgiving week I had! I'll spare you the details and just provide a quick summary of events!

It began innocently enough with a trip to (gasp!) Houston to visit my sister. I piled the boys in the big rig and set out to add even more pollution to the Houston air. (Yes, I know my carbon footprint is atrocious..but how else can I fit 2-4 kids, 400 pounds of dogs, groceries, 4-6 bicycles and a burlee? Show me a hybrid that can do that and I'm all over it!)

We had a blast playing at Auntie's house and getting to trash her playroom instead of ours for once! Since my nephew was out of school for the week as well, we brought him back to Austin with us for a few days! Now how does that work...leave with 2 come back with 3???

We had some GLORIOUS weather, so I figured the best thing to do with three rowdy boys on a day off from school....HIT THE TRAILS! WOO HOO! This time we decided to bike around Lady Bird, so the big boys mounted up and the Devonater settled into the Burlee for a nice leisurely adventure.

I figured we'd just do the four-mile loop and stop to feed the ducks on the way.

Which all seemed well and good and then these guys showed up! BONUS!

I love how the Devonator was the only one not scared of them! After our loaf a bread was gone, we mounted up. The boys asked how far we were going to go and I told them 4 miles. Then I made the mistake of showing them the mile markers on the trail. So then they were all excited to ride up to the "4" marker. Of course at this point I didn't want to tell them that the four mile loop we don't actually get to go by the 4 marker since they seemed so excited.

So, I figured, if they can do 4, they can most certainly do 4.5-ish, right? So we rode up to the 4-mile marker and snapped a keepsake to show their friends.
Being the 6 and 7 year-olds that they are, they ask how long the trail is anyway. I tell them 10 miles. The cousins look at each other in awe and decided that they'd like to do 5 miles...since that is half of 10. Again I'm thinking to myself...ok, we get to the 5-mile marker, then we are going to have to turn around and come back another mile and a half or so to the car at the annex. Can they do 6-7 miles? They plead with me, "Please mommy!" "Please Auntie!" Who am I to deny youngsters such athletic endeavors?? We push on!The boys did great! They made it all the way! The last leg back to the car, however, was definitely the most challenging. My nephew said "I think my legs are going to fall off!". Poor little guys. They made it back and literally fell into their carseats. Shay said "I don't want to do anything except go home, get something to drink, sit on the couch and watch cartoons."

Why, that's exactly how I feel after a long run. Good times.

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