Thursday, November 8, 2007

School's Out for Summer!

Well...not really, but Shay did have an early release day yesterday (which means he gets out at noon), so what was originally conceived to be a "Mommy and Me" afternoon, turned into an all-out afternoon adventure with Shay and Friends!
Yes, that's Shay in back (being a good host and letting his friends right up front), the tow head next to him is Cameron and up front in the "cowboy seat" is Robert (the ONLY first grader to run the TITAN MILE...this kid is FAST!) and TJ.

We started out by going to see "The Bee Movie" which the boys loved and I thought was downright hysterical! It was replete with the voices of some of my fav stars including Jerry Seinfield, John Goodman, Chris Rock, Matthew Broderick, Oprah Winfrey and a host of many others. It even included a great line about how it was all an evil plot to make us work for "The Man" that I know JJ would have thoroughly enjoyed!

It was a beautiful day and the boys were amped on popcorn and candy, so I figured we needed to run some of that off so we headed to the Zilker playground.
We did the requisite fire truck, music making and general mayhem on the playscapes. And then I was thinking...WTF.... I've got four rowdy boys...what the hell are we doing on this manicured playground? When I was this age, we would go exploring in the woods behind our house for HOURS... I loved the Deer Pond and those trails. The trails! Of course!!
So we scooted down to the greenbelt. The boys LOVED it! Naturally, the first thing they did was pick up some "walking sticks". (What is it with boys and sticks?)

We walked along the trail and saw lots of stuff, explored side trails, played explorers, investigated some scat and decided it was deer, heard some rustling in the bushes and wondered what kind of animal (friend or foe) it might have been...found a pond and threw rocks in it and tried to see who could make the highest splash and then the loudest splash and decided that big flat rocks make the best splashes....and no one fell in! whew.

Afterwards on the ride home, we listened to Shay's Lucky Seven CD mix and the boys rocked out to great tunes like "Real Gone" (from the movie cars), the Underdog Rapp (from the movie Underdog), did the Cha Cha Slide and then Party Like A Rockstar.

We were tired, dirty and hungry. Just the way you are supposed to end your day off from school, right? I'm pretty sure the boys had a blast...but truth be told, I think I might've had more fun than they did!

Thanks boyz...thanks's great being a kid again!

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Lulu said...

Awesome day!! Coop and I are jealous!

And now we gotta go run those trails!!