Sunday, November 4, 2007

My First's a RIDE not a RACE...right.


This weekend I did my first EVER official cycling event (not as part of a tri or anything...just a bunch of cyclists), the WurstRide Metric Century. And let me tell you, I had a BLAST! No wonder you people get together and do these things when the come around. DUH!
The foursome of Lulu, Erin, Justin and I set out from Austin to ride to Schlitterbahn (well that's pretty much where we started and ended anyway...). Although Lulu continued to swear up and down that this was a "RIDE" and not a "RACE", Erin warned me that Lulu would go at a pretty quick clip anyway....and she was not lying! After the craziness of the start (at which point I just KNEW I was going to crash into somebody, not be able to clip out, having someone crash into me, yada, yada..luckily I escaped unscathed!), as soon as there was a little bit of open road, BANG goes Lulu!

I geared up and prayed for my endurance breakfast shake to start kicking in and just tried to keep up.

It was pretty much the same throughout the day, Lulu blamed Justin for going fast, I blamed Lulu for going fast, she blamed me...what?? I was pushing her from the back?? ;) It was great! And then if that wasn't enough, we picked up Panther at the halfway point and he pushed the pace too!

At one point I'm looking around and it is Panther, Justin and Lulu...and me (sing with me..."one of these things is not like the other..."), doing my darndest to just hang on to the tail end of them all. Whew...what a workout! But it felt GOOD!

And what ride would be complete without:
- getting lost (Panther...per usual)
- close encounter with an unleashed pitbull (fortunately, she was more interested in the leftover pizza she had dug out of an overflowing trashcan..)
- a dropped water bottle
- off-roading xterra style down a dirt trail littered with rivlettes, rocks and other debris with a quick left turn onto and over a narrow bridge (seriously..this on a road

Afterwards, we gnoshed on wursts, gatorade and beer(s) and sat in the glorious sun chatting and hanging out with friends. A super-cool way to spend the day.
On the way back, Lulu gave some lovin to Hector

Then she and Erin threw down some signs...(I love Erin rep'n the nice girls from Spockville)

And a good time was had by all. Thanks y'all...that was AWESOME!


MikeW said...


Lulu said...

I still blame that first 15 miles on you! And I would really like to know why everyone always blames this shit on me - conspiracy I say!!

That was a blast. The car ride home was even fun (thanks to JJ). And I almost texted you late Sat night to let you know I finally was able to partake in some adult entertainment!! WOOT!!

We definitely need to do that again (with after party this time)

Dionn said...

Yes..MUCHO THX TO JJs Chauffeur Services (course he was just chicken we would thrash him on the bike! j/k!)

And YEA for adult entertainment! WOO HOO!

Panther said...

It was such a nice ride home, wasn't it? I felt so loved.